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Give Before You Get w/ Bruce Pulver

Give Before You Get w/ Bruce Pulver

Update: 2022-02-24


In this episode, we invite Bruce Pulver. Bruce is a Global Speaker and Healthcare Executive who has worked in several corporate leadership positions. His TEDx talk helps individuals and organizations understand the power of words in driving outcomes and results.

What you will learn:

- How should jobseekers reframe their mindset after rejection
- How important is self-talk
- How to overcome those days when you feel negative
- The power of words
- Bruce’s book, ‘Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter’
- How to set up your day for success

Mic Drop Moments:

🎤Trevor at (02:33 ) - I never lose, I just learn.

🎤Bruce at (02:58 ) - Why not make that phone call? “Can I get five minutes of your time because what I really want to understand is, what didn’t separate me?” Because you never know what might happen. That offer might come through, but something may not work out. We were talking about three or four offer letters that someone else might have. Let’s say, they said yes to one but tomorrow they say, “Oh, I’m gonna do the other.” That opens that one back up. Stay in contact.

🎤Bruce at (05:05 ) - I call it, kick the ‘cants’ and untie the ‘nots.’

🎤Bruce at (07:17 ) - Sometimes you gotta embrace it. You gotta say, “Sometimes days are going to be negative.” You can’t be this, like my kids call me Mr. Happy Pants. You can’t be that guy all the time, right?

🎤Bruce at (11:30 ) - I’m so glad to see you today man. I’m bound and determined, and I’m bound for glory. It’s gonna happen. I’m gonna buckle down and do whatever it takes. I’m so grateful for everybody in this room for just holding me up. The support that I’m getting from everyone is amazing, and I’m so grateful thatI I’m not left alone.

🎤Bruce at (12:50 ) - First and foremost, I'm with my people. I have never turned in a letter of resignation and I have left three jobs. So figure out how that works.

🎤Bruce at (13:53 ) - I wrote the word strong, vertically. And I looked at it. Seriously, in 30 seconds I looked at each letter and I wrote: Stand Tall Remain Optimistic Now Go for it.

🎤Trevor at (14:28 ) - 7 Cs to cash flow, Consistent Content Creates Conversations that Convert into Careers and Cashflow.

🎤Bruce at (09:55 ) - We all have unique gifts. So we aren't gonna be just like the next person. We're going to have our skills, our own ways to do things, our own ways to look into things, our own approach, how we solve problems, how we face things. I call those GIFTS: God Installed Features To Share.

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Give Before You Get w/ Bruce Pulver

Give Before You Get w/ Bruce Pulver

Trevor Houston