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Giving Grief a voice with Jo Betz

Giving Grief a voice with Jo Betz

Update: 2021-01-19


Today we are speaking to Jo Betz, Marriage Celebrant, Mother and Author of 'Grief'- a guided Journal. Jo opens up about her story and the threads of grief she has experienced since the sudden death of her Husband.

Jo shares that she is innately a positive and bubbly person but through her journey she has softened into believing 'It's ok not to be ok' and through her journey she has empowered herself to give grief a voice for all.
We discuss her thoughts on seeing grief as non-linear, not having to 'fix' grief, witnessing emotions and traumatic healing as well as realising her strength and vulnerability. Jo talks about the power in both and how after Craig passed she began to learn to back herself.

Jo shares the journey of single/solo parenthood navigating the grief process as a Mother-Daughter duo and the birth of her 'Grief' Journal which was released during the 2020 Global Grief state. 

As we dive into Jo's story and share each of our perspectives and experiences we invite you to lean into your own story. 

Have you felt similar? 
Do you resonate? and if so how? 

As we share our stories we give permission for ourselves to rise above the narratives and honour our unique journeys. Plus we give permission for others to deepen too, we can raise the frequencies of each other by storytelling, sharing and connecting. 

If you've resonated with this episode or any of Season 1 we would love to hear from you by leaving a comment, subscribing or sharing with another woman who may need to hear these stories.

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Music: 'Eyes of Wonder' by Caleb Etheridge 

Production: The Storyteller Co.

Guest Speaker: Jo Betz


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Giving Grief a voice with Jo Betz

Giving Grief a voice with Jo Betz