Glamour Boyz

Glamour Boyz

Update: 2020-08-06


Hair Metal Mixtape #137 - Nothing special except for some Glamour Boys playing some Glamorous Hair Metal today to get you through. Thanks for listening.

But first, some NEWS


This past January, UK hard rockers Passion released a covers EP called 'Under The Covers' featuring tributes to Hair Metal classics by Van Halen, RATT, Slaughter, and Winger.

Now you may have heard it already or maybe you haven’t yet, so now you’re wondering if I’m gonna play one of these tracks off of this EP 'Under The Covers' and you are correct.

So that brings us to my favorite portion of the NEWS and that’s Hear N’ Tell!

That’s right. So here’s Passion covering RATT’s “Loving You Is A Dirty Job"

Hear ’N Tell;

Passion - "Loving You Is A Dirty Job" (RATT cover) - Official Audio

That was Passion covering RATT’s “Loving You Is A Dirty Job" and I dig it.

OK, so the Track-list for the “Under The Covers” EP is as follows:

1. Van Halen "Poundcake"

2. Slaughter "Up All Night"

3. RATT "Loving You Is A Dirty Job"

4. Winger "Easy Come Easy Go"

I’ve already listened to all of these tracks and that are all great!

Listen to Passion's self-titled debut on YouTube


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#Passion #LovingYouIsADirtyJob #Ratt

…and that was your news!

This is Hair Metal Mixtape where I bring you a half hour plus of my favorite and hopefully your favorite 70's Glam Rock, 80’s Heavy Metal, 90’s Hair Metal and some New Wave of Hair Metal, Sleaze Rock and everything that orbits around the universe in which we fondly call HAIR METAL. I hope you are maintaining your physical distance from your friends and loved ones for now and yet also engaging in social connectivity forever. Be kind, rewind. Peace, Love, Hair Metal!

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Glamour Boyz

Glamour Boyz

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