DiscoverSomething You Should KnowGlitches in Human Evolution & The Wham-O Toys Story
Glitches in Human Evolution & The Wham-O Toys Story

Glitches in Human Evolution & The Wham-O Toys Story

Update: 2020-11-262


We all want people to like us and obviously a lot of things determine just how likable you are. However, there are a few simple techniques to make you appear more likable instantly. I start this episode with three ways, according to Psychology Today, that will make you more likable to others when you meet them. And they aren’t what you probably think.

Evolution is what got us to where we are today. But the evolutionary road we have traveled to get here is a bumpy one. Biology professor Nathan Lents author of the book, Human Errors: A Panorama of our Glitches from Pointless Bones to Broken Genes ( takes us on a journey of the human evolution timeline and points out what went right and what went wrong. 

As you go through life, you collect stuff. Then, over time that stuff collects in your home and you forget about it – even if that stuff serves no purpose, is outdated or useless. We start with a list of things you may not even notice that are most likely cluttering up your home that you really ought to throw out – NOW!

Frisbee, Hula-Hoop, Slip & Slide – they are all toys you and just about everyone else have played with for over 60 years. And they are all made by the WHAM-O Toy Company. Had did one small company create such iconic toys? Tim Walsh, author of The WHAM-O Superbook: Celebrating 60 Years Inside the Fun Factory ( takes you inside the workings of WHAM-O, which has specialized and excelled by making outdoor toys while other toy companies have gone high tech.

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Glitches in Human Evolution & The Wham-O Toys Story

Glitches in Human Evolution & The Wham-O Toys Story

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