DiscoverProfessional TroublemakerGo Your Own Way (with Brandon Stanton) - Episode 49
Go Your Own Way (with Brandon Stanton) - Episode 49

Go Your Own Way (with Brandon Stanton) - Episode 49

Update: 2020-09-293


In this episode of Rants & Randomness, Luvvie is talking to storyteller and photographer Brandon Stanton - the man behind Humans of New York. 

After being fired from his job as a bond trader in Chicago, Brandon moved to New York City to start Humans of New York in 2010. The website and social media accounts feature portraits of people in New York City and their stories. He's the author of two number-one New York Times bestselling books, Humans of New York, and Humans of New York: Stories, and his latest book, Humans, comes out on October 6, 2020.

As of this airing, Brandon just finished up a week of sharing Tattletales from Tanqueray - a series of stories and images following up with Stephanie, aka Lady Tanqueray after his photos of her went viral last year. Luvvie and Brandon are talking about all that series and talking to Brandon about his story, how he started doing this work, and when he decided to use this platform in this way. 

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Lin's World

Absolutely loved this episode! I found out about HONY from Tumblr back in the day. And I have been a raving fan from then till forever. I have been wanting to know Brandon's story snd who's behind these thoughtful peeps into the lives of our fellow humans. I like so many got caught up in Stephanie's story. I think because it reminded me of the tough but amazing lives of the many black women that have been in my family. I'm so glad fate brought them together. Oh, and as a 63 year old black female, I count myself as a demographic for both of you! Keep doing great work!

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Go Your Own Way (with Brandon Stanton) - Episode 49

Go Your Own Way (with Brandon Stanton) - Episode 49

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