God & Politics - Episode 6

God & Politics - Episode 6

Update: 2020-03-28


Ever notice how so many people can't talk on God or politics? The reason is because they either don't have a relationship with God and or they don't fully know how to explain their political positions without standing upright faithfully in love.

Because politics have real-world implications for Christians everywhere, Christians ought to engage in every aspect of the political process, advocating for reform, righteous laws and policies that contribute to bettering humanity.

Government derives its authority from God, at least it should. Whenever those in leadership positions fall away and or disregard this, the people whom they attempt to govern often fall victim to unrighteous actions.

Politics affect government, they help to shape society and influences behaviors around the world. Because of what the Bible teaches us and the inevitability of its effect on our culture, Christians must not only care about politics, they must participate in keeping politicians and those in positions of power accountable.

As children of God we mustn't look to the government for solutions to all of our problems. We must have faith and trust in God, we must stay kingdom minded and watchful over all who seek to lead our nations.

Governments has the responsibility of taking care of their citizens, they must also remain mindful of the ways of The Lord. We are our brothers keepers and with that in mind, its up to us to lead by example. Remember our governments work for the people, not the other way around.

In this episode I speak on change, why its come, what we're looking at, what to expect. As messenger and bond-servant my responsibility is to Our Lord's Lord. With Father God and Jesus Christ I share with you the things I've witnessed and the direction God's given me for the world.

Thanks for listening.
God bless you

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God & Politics - Episode 6

God & Politics - Episode 6

James Martinez