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God Speaks to All of Us with Hila Esters

God Speaks to All of Us with Hila Esters

Update: 2021-09-21


From the age of three, Hila J. Esters has had continual conversations with God. No matter what situations, setbacks, or emotional heartbreaks she has faced, receiving and applying His revelation, wisdom, and knowledge has never failed. Her books, “The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth”, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, and “Your Daddy’s So-o-o Big…”, recount the miracles, signs, and wonders that have occurred throughout her life.

Hila has spent years pursuing spiritual freedom in the Word and power of God. She is the founder of Freedom Network NOW which serves people who refuse to settle for less because they know life holds more for them. You can experience the goodness of heaven NOW with the creative power of God’s intentional thoughts and spoken words.

As an author, speaker, and coach, Hila helps people awaken to their unique God-given potential, enabling them to cut the strings of the status-quo and step into unlimited possibilities. She shares a straightforward transformational process that empowers and positions you to use unlimited possibilities to create progressive changes in your life.

In this episode:
1. Receiving the Gift (Intro).
2. A spirited child in the civil rights era (7:27 ).
3. The answers you need are only a conversation away (17:10 ).
4. The power of thought: we reap what we sow (21:09 ).
5. Creating your life while standing in your truth (25:54 ).
6. A family built on love with God’s helping hand (31:57 ).
7. How these treasured books came about (34:32 ).
8. An insight into racism and the world today (38:52 ).

Connect with Hila
Hila is offering a free PDF entitled, “Are You Living the Same Week on Repeat? Break the Repeat Cycle”. She also offers a number of courses through her coaching practice. Namely, Wake-Up to Awareness, Break the Repeat Cycle, and The Miraculous Realm. If you would like to get your free PDF or learn more about these courses, please visit

Connect with Helen
If you would like to explore some of your own experiences with spirituality, and would like to learn how Helen’s Journal Retreats can help you do that, please visit








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God Speaks to All of Us with Hila Esters

God Speaks to All of Us with Hila Esters

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