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Going For Golde: Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Going For Golde: Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Update: 2019-10-15


We’ve all been there. In search of the perfect product that is holistic, natural, and good for us, only to be torn between brands that seem to veer to the very luxe or the "crunchy granola." Not that there’s anything wrong with either end, but it’s clear that the market has been missing a happy medium! Enter Golde, the delicious and nutritious superfood-based supplement and beauty brand that'll wow you with its accessible price point and colorful packaging.

The brainchild of Trinity Mouzon Wofford and life/business partner, Issey Kobori, Golde was borne of Trinity’s desire to create products that make taking care of oneself a pleasurable experience. Originally planning a career in medicine, Trinity switched gears as it became all too clear that offering a holistic practice would only be available to the very wealthy. While the method of delivery may have changed, the goal is still the same: making wellness accessible and enjoyable all at the very same time.

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Big Ideas

  • Authenticity as the primary ingredient that draws people in. [09:21 ]

  • Accessibility – making products that you want to see in the market that you can also afford. [13:05 ]

  • Coming to terms with the fact that starting in entrepreneurship means there will be missteps along the way, and that it will be a great learning experience. [15:11 ]


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Going For Golde: Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Going For Golde: Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Rebecca Minkoff