DiscoverThe Zen (ish) MommyGood health begins with your Feet, featuring Dr. Emily Splichal
Good health begins with your Feet, featuring Dr. Emily Splichal

Good health begins with your Feet, featuring Dr. Emily Splichal

Update: 2022-06-07


Hey Mama, have you ever heard the term ‘grounded’? You might already know what that means, but that doesn’t always make it easy to get there. So, how important are our feet to our overall wellness? Today’s guest, Dr Emily Splichal, is a podiatrist, human movement specialist and leader in barefoot science, focusing on functional and regenerative medicine. She believes that we hold the power to our own health and wellbeing in our own hands and this approach forms the foundation of her work with patients. Tune in to hear her story, and how she supports her patients to understand their own bodies. You’ll hear the science of why the health of your feet is so important, and listen to plenty of powerful practical advice to help you care for them.  Dr Splichal introduces us to a few of the products she has designed to help you to do just that, and offers listeners some tips on how to integrate foot care into our daily routines. We touch on caring for our children’s feet and do a deep dive into foot health during all three trimesters. Join us today to hear more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, podiatrist and human movement specialist, Dr Emily Splichal. 
  • Why she recommends seeing multiple doctors for different opinions and then making your own decision.
  • Why she believes it is so essential to get good at being bad. 
  • How your feet are the mechanical foundation of the body. 
  • Her belief that modern footwear is a lot of the cause of the muscular problems that we see today.
  • Why she tries to give her patients at least 30 minutes barefoot.
  • Why it is beneficial to spend time in less structured shoes.
  • Shoe brands she recommends: Vivo Barefoot, Xero Shoes, Feelgrounds, and more.
  • Her relationship with high heels at this point in her life.
  • A brand that is really working for her own child: 2 Tiny Feet.
  • The importance of the care we do with our feet outside of shoes.
  • How toe spacers can support your feet by creating space and straightening the digits.
  • Why you need to work it into your schedule to take care of your feet while doing other things.
  • Foot health during pregnancy and how best to support it through every trimester.
  • How insoles, socks, mats, flooring and release tools to integrate the pyramidal texture.
  • Her goal to force people to be conscious of their feet.
  • Her definition for feeling grounded and why it is so important to connect with your physical body to find a feeling of aliveness.
  • The role of movement in connecting you to your body so that you don't lose a part of yourself.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Good health begins with your Feet, featuring Dr. Emily Splichal

Good health begins with your Feet, featuring Dr. Emily Splichal

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