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Google CCAI with Antony Passemard

Google CCAI with Antony Passemard

Update: 2021-03-15


Google Cloud's Head of Conversational AI and Contact Center, Antony Passemard, joins us to dive under the hood of Google CCAI; Google's Contact Centre AI product.

Antony manages the entire product suite and joins us to share what CCAI is, how it's being used to improve customer experience within contact centres across industries, as well as describing how you can use the tools yourself to streamline service delivery using conversational AI.

Running order:

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:53 About Antony Passemard

00:04:16 Does CCAI have a relationship with Google Assistant?

00:06:35 Overview of CCAI

00:07:20 What drove the need for DialogFlow CX?

00:10:42 Can you move from ES to CX?

00:11:50 Who is CX for?

00:13:00 Core reasons for using DialogFlow CX vs ES

00:17:30 Michael Kenny: Will DF CX open up third part integrations for CMS etc?

00:19:40 What has CCAI taken from Google Research?

00:23:13 BERT: what's it being used for?

00:26:10 What is Agent Assist?

00:28:50 What does Agent Assist look like and where is it?

00:31:04 How is Agent Assist implemented?

00:35:00 How will Agent Assist improve over time?

00:37:05 How do you approach feature building and roll out?

00:41:00 Focus on successful conversations

00:42:50 Can you implement Agent Assist on your own?

00:47:00 How to implement DialogFlow into contact centres

00:52:35 Insights

00:57:00 Can you use Insights to find and prioritise use cases?

00:58:35 How to measure successful conversations

01:05:05 How to find out more


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Google CCAI with Antony Passemard

Google CCAI with Antony Passemard