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Graphic Design Cloud Apps that Make Graphics Work Easier

Graphic Design Cloud Apps that Make Graphics Work Easier

Update: 2021-05-31


In this episode, I will share some DIY Graphic design cloud apps that make graphic work easier.

Canva is the most popular drag-and-drop design tool out there

It has templates that cover just about every design need you will have with lots of free assets that will allow your work to be done in such a short time

However, chances are people can tell a Canva Graphic a mile away and as such if you are trying to show off uniqueness, I will ask you to stay away from Canva except, of course, you are building your own template from the scratch.

Crello is a much more visually appealing DIY design tool and was created by the people at deposit photos.

It looks similar to Canva but has templates that look more professional and are less popular than what you will find on Canva.

A higher percentage of their design templates are illustration-based instead of photo-based and this sets them apart from the pack

Apparently, if you are using Crello pro, you have access to loads of images from deposit photos.

Adobe Spark is the alternative from Adobe that does also what Canva does, however, their library of designs can be confusing as most times I am unable to filter designs by a particular size.

Spark is definitely easy to use and this has toned down the ability to have more control over your design. If you are looking for creative freedom, Spark is not the tool for you and we can't blame Adobe, the pros have other tools to choose from in their arsenal and Spark is just a toy for the newbies to play with.

While I have not used Easil ever, I have heard and read great reviews about this app that suggests that it actually is worth looking into. 

Easil templates have the canva feel to them but are also professional-looking. They have a decent tool that helps with background removal from photos as well as branding assets that help your design to always be within the assets that are approved for the brand in terms of color, fonts, and logo variations. As a Canva user, Easil is the easiest platform to transit to.

Stencil is by far the easiest tool to use to generate quotes. There's a huge library for quotes and they have over 1.5 million royalty-free stock photos in their library and is the only platform that has massive integration with Google web fonts. 

Stencil is however very limited if you will not be paying $12 (or 20) a month because the free version allows you to export just 10 images a month while the $9 (or 15) plan gives you access to just 50 exports a month.

If you are not willing to go unlimited, don't walk the Stencil path but if you ask me, I believe the unlimited plan is worth it and I will recommend paying yearly.

Snappa's website looks like a slightly modified copy of Stencil however, Sujan Patel seems to love it and gave them an outstanding recommendation.

It has a good background remover, allows you just three exports a month if you are using the free plan.

I typically love their YouTube end screen arts as well as their Advertising templates. They also curated awesome zoom virtual background images that are absolutely beautiful.

Due to the quality of templates here, I see no reason why you shouldn't pay for what you get.








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Graphic Design Cloud Apps that Make Graphics Work Easier

Graphic Design Cloud Apps that Make Graphics Work Easier

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