Grasp Your Goals with Anna DiGilio

Grasp Your Goals with Anna DiGilio

Update: 2020-12-02


I think we've all been wondering if we need a little more financial security. Maybe starting a side business, or even something big like a pivot in your career.  You can't imagine leaving your "safe" job for the income and stability, but you know you can make a bigger impact doing something else? This episode covers Anna's journey answering all those questions and more.

In this episode, you will learn how to:
Create Steady Income
Using Your Zone of Genius to Pivot
Stay Engaged and Creative In Your Niche
 Stand Out in a Crowd and Grow a Following
Know When Your Impact is Bigger than Your Comfort Zone

Wise Words:
"You have to create that audience. Plant yourself someplace. Offer your services. Offer your advice. You have to give to get." Anna DiGilio

More on Anna:
Thanks to her revolutionary approach to education and technology, Anna DiGilio has gone
from teaching seven-year-olds to being featured in Forbes Magazine for building a
seven-figure education company in just a few short years. Although she has never taken a
single business class, Anna was able to build and scale her company from the ground up
through pure determination, hard-work, and by devouring hundreds of books, podcasts, and
online courses. Her unwavering commitment to education has allowed her to create
revolutionary new programs that have changed the way teachers approach their craft and
ensure their students learn to read and find a love of reading in the process.

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Grasp Your Goals with Anna DiGilio

Grasp Your Goals with Anna DiGilio