DiscoverOur Hen HouseGrass Fed and Vegan w/ Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel
Grass Fed and Vegan w/ Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel

Grass Fed and Vegan w/ Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel

Update: 2022-03-19


Faithful listeners will know this to be true: we can’t get enough of Grass Fed, Rochester’s premier vegan butcher shop and deli. Thus, this week, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel, founders of Grass Fed, to the podcast. The husband-and-wife team joins us to dish why they view Grass Fed as training wheels for veganism, and they give us the breakdown of the vegan meats Rob makes, including breakfast sausage, pastrami, and barbecue brisket. Plus, they tell us how Bruce Springstreen prompted them to explore making small-batch, handcrafted plant-based meats in earnest. In our conversation, Nora also shares the joy the duo finds in connecting with customers, building relationships with Rochester’s vegan community, and the unexpected individuals who have expressed interest in their products. 

Grass Fed vegan butcher shop and deli is the joint venture of Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel, offering delicious small-batch, handcrafted vegan meats made from good, plant-based ingredients. Rob (the Butcher) hails originally from New Jersey and, as a former omnivore, seeks to create delicious cruelty-free versions of the meats he previously enjoyed. He loves a challenge and has spent years perfecting his mad meat-making skills. Sharing them with his adopted city of Rochester is a dream realized. Nora (the Butcher’s Wife) loves to cook and eat. She also writes and teaches about food, culture, and religion at the University of Rochester. She understands the cultural and nostalgic connection folks have to the foods they grow up with and is excited to help them feel those connections in a cruelty-free way. 

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Grass Fed and Vegan w/ Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel

Grass Fed and Vegan w/ Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel

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