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Gratitude and Change of Perspective

Gratitude and Change of Perspective

Update: 2021-01-13


The first thing we want to start off our brand-new season with is a tandem of two tools to help you feel lighter and see new possibilities.

Looking ahead at 2021, we are more than eager to go forward and get out of the heavy, sticky place that is right now. Logical problem solving doesn’t always get you there. In times like these, what you need is a deeper resourcefulness that we all have inside of us.


Gratitude. Taking a pause and figuring out what is the gift in this moment, amongst all of the crap, the hard stuff, the weight, the challenges. What is the good that is also here? What am I gaining here?

Pausing and reflecting on that will give you space to breathe. It will make that which you can appreciate in your situation more tangible and real.

Please know that the practice of gratitude – it genuinely is a practice, not something that automatically happens – is not about bypassing the hard stuff. It’s perfectly ok not to be ok.

Let the things that you’re sad or frustrated about be a smaller part of what you spend your time thinking of by adding more thoughts on what you’re grateful for.


Looking at your situation from a totally different angle will help you spark new ideas. Shifting your perspective gives lightness. It brings your brain the freedom of creativity.

Learning how to deal with hard times will be helpful at any time and in any circumstance.

It makes so much more possible.









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Gratitude and Change of Perspective

Gratitude and Change of Perspective

Lisa Dempsey & Marjolijn Vlug