DiscoverThe Silent WhyGrief in Ghosts: The BBC sitcom observed
Grief in Ghosts: The BBC sitcom observed

Grief in Ghosts: The BBC sitcom observed

Update: 2022-10-28


I love the BBC TV sitcom Ghosts and so when I watched an episode in the latest series that revolved around grief and loss (the very themes my podcast is based on) I just had to re-watch it. Twice. And then I thought, why not share my musings with you too? And so a new addition to The Silent Why family was created.

Welcome to The Silent Why, a podcast exploring every type of loss and grief and all the places we find them.

I'm Claire Sandys and every now and then, among our regular episodes and my audio blogs, I've decided to share another love of mine - commentating on fictional storytelling. And to remain on theme I'm going to explore specific programmes, books or stories that handle grief or loss in a particularly good (or maybe even bad!) way.

The first programme I'm dissecting is a recent episode of one of my favourite British TV sitcoms - Ghosts, from the BBC. Specifically Episode 4 of Series 4, called Gone Gone. 

SPOILER ALERT: This episode does contain spoilers from 5:40 onwards, basically after my husband's impromptu piano rendition of the theme tune (which is well worth hearing, and really hard to play!).

So join me as I take a closer look at the themes of grief and loss in this episode and how the writers and producers handled a subject very close to my heart (and my podcast).

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Grief in Ghosts: The BBC sitcom observed

Grief in Ghosts: The BBC sitcom observed

Claire Sandys