DiscoverIn the Bubble with Andy Slavitt: Our ShotGround Zero in COVID: Kids & Florida
Ground Zero in COVID: Kids & Florida

Ground Zero in COVID: Kids & Florida

Update: 2021-09-011


Andy goes to Florida — ground zero in the battle over how to respond to COVID — to hear directly from kids and what they have to say about the pandemic. Two young people have been working to make adults hear their voices: 21-year-old David Hogg and 14-year-old Alana Nesser, both of Parkland, Florida. In 2018, adults failed to keep David and his classmates at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School safe when one of the worst school shootings in history occurred. A few short years later, Alana and her friends have again been left vulnerable by adults in the debate over masks. Hear what kids are saying to one another about trauma, and about what we as adults can do to understand and help.


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Ground Zero in COVID: Kids & Florida

Ground Zero in COVID: Kids & Florida

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