Group Hug!

Group Hug!

Update: 2021-08-27


We often talk about how amazing our fans are, and we should know…we LOVE watching and cheering on our fellow Burlesque performers, too!

We are so excited to discuss our absolute favorite live performances, and a few virtual ones, too.

From crying lobsters to Dolly Parton impersonations, puking on stage and Chris Farley tributes, we love the humor, the ingenuity, the costumes, and, well, everything about the incredible variety of Burlesque performances available today.

And of course, we can’t wait to watch more!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Bambi the Mermaid’s Lobster number

· Why most burlesque performances make no sense in dress rehearsal

· Butter colored glitter

· Laughing to the point of crying

· Lily’s inspiration for “Dying Chicken”

· It’s all in the costume details

· Coney Island Burlesque scene

· Ageless ass-kicking

· Utter perfection in a Burlesque routine

· Media Noche live at Bathtub Gin, NYC

· Stalker Sadie

· “Boom” we love RedBone

· Lily admires RedBone’s perfect skin

· “A big part of Burlesque is the energy you get from the audience.”

· A true standing ovation

· Our Hawaii pin-up star, Violetta Beretta

· 9-5 and Dolly Parton burlesque genius

· Lily’s favorite burlesque performer, Jezebel Express

· Fan dancing at BurlyCon

· Lily fan-girls Jezebel

· One of Sadie’s favorite classes at BurlyCon

· Learning to love yourself

· “Motivational Stripper” Bunny Wigglebottom and her Chris Farley impression

· ChiChi Roniz pukes on stage

· Snot number or seasick number?

· Madame X has your back

· Violetta Beretta kills us with her characters, from Dolly Parton to Stranger Things

· Why Miss F-Bomb still finds confetti in her living room

· Sadie Vine’s mad crush on Adam Apple

· The Duality of performers on and off stage

· The costumes and pageantry of Ida Slapter

· What could possibly be way too dirty for Cabaret and Cocktails?

· Are we stalking Raquel Reed?

· Absinthe, the fabulously lewd variety show

· A classic burlesque gorilla number…makes sense

· A new routine for Miss Riding Good and her Big Bad Wulf?

· Peekaboo Pointe teaches classes on Oahu

· There is never enough time to see New York!

· Stop motion with Peekaboo

· Dirty Martini in NYC

· The fabulous Frankie Fictitious

· The darker side of Bourbon and her love of Redrum

· Why Instagram could never replace the live experience

· Costume inspirations with Frankie Fictitious

· The many questions of “How do they do that?!”

· Frankie blows our minds on TikTok

· Chris Oh! And his fabulous feet!

· Bedazzled codpieces

· The wonderful Ballet Trocadero

· Christmas with Kitten and Lou

· Never show the reveal!

· Reasons Lily and Sadie love burlesque

· Inclusivity and burlesque

· Lily admits to stealing

· What Instagram has done for us as a group

· What is Boylesque? No really, someone tell us!

· Burlesque gender ramblings

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Group Hug!

Group Hug!

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