DiscoverDo It With DanGrow your sales everyday - Beyond Success Episode 4
Grow your sales everyday - Beyond Success Episode 4

Grow your sales everyday - Beyond Success Episode 4

Update: 2021-02-01


Sales is the engine of every business. We all know this, to one extent or another, but so many of us still have resistance to sales. We have to reorient our relationship to sales, from a self-serving practice to one of love and service to others.

Welcome to this episode of the Beyond Success Podcast. This series of conversations with business experts and captains of industry, is here to serve you in your growth as an entrepreneur. No matter what level of success you are at, there are always areas of growth open to us. So please join us in the collective uplift by listening, learning, enjoying and sharing this podcast!

In this episode, Dan has a chat with sales coach consultant, entrepreneur and father of four: Chris Filipiak. Chris doesn’t just coach sales teams, he helps CEOs create and install sales systems that enable them to better serve their clients.

Sales boils down to this: if your product or service is not genuinely liberating people from pain, you need to adjust it until it does. Once you have this, you can authentically speak to your clients/buyers from a heart-centered place of service.

You do not want a sales force that have to lie, in order to generate business. The beautiful truth is: you don’t have to!

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Dan Mangena is a Transformational Life Coach, Public Speaker and Best Selling Author. This series of podcasts is completely free. They are intended to provide you with the tools you need to live your dreams and experience the abundance you desire right now!

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Timestamps of interest:

00:43 - Welcome Chris

02:59 - What Chris does & how it impacts businesses

06:00 - Help your buyers ‘cross the river’

10:45 - We want to deal with authentic people

13:37 - The ‘stepping stones’ of sales

17:48 - Structuring your thinking & business around sales

21:08 - How Chris trains teams

27:19 - Getting leads is easier than it’s ever been

31:00 - Staying hands on as part of the process

33:00 - A dislike of sales will show up in the culture of your company

35:00 - Book a call with Chris









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Grow your sales everyday - Beyond Success Episode 4

Grow your sales everyday - Beyond Success Episode 4

Daniel Mangena