DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastGuided Meditation Affirming The Wonderful
Guided Meditation Affirming The Wonderful

Guided Meditation Affirming The Wonderful

Update: 2021-11-271


This meditation is based on the amazing affirmations and treatments of Donald Curtis.  You can see more about Donald Curtis here


These affirmations are mono aural with some echo headphones are suggested.


This is great as a sleep meditation and a waking meditation I have personally tried it both ways.


These treatments deal with a variety of important components that make up the architecture and archetypes of your mind and reality. After listenting to this and using these affirmations I felt more confident, less fearful and with greater expectancy and a feeling of genuine bliss and abundance.


Here is a sample you can find all of these affirmations in the amazing book by Donald Curtis - "Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life!"


I expect the best of life today. I expect to do my best and I expect the best from other people. I expect the harmonious and beneficial working out of every situation. I expect to give happiness. I expect good health in my mind, my body and my world of affairs. I expect an abundance of all things. I have more than enough to meet all my requirements. I thrill to the expectancy of living life fully today.


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Music By Mettaverse


effortless awareness

internal focus

sacred bliss

inner alchemy

432hz deep mental cleansing

fall asleep faster

111hz the divine frequency

when all else fades

flow state music

pure love energy

cosmic flow

the great shift

lotus unfolding


tibetan singing bowls


divine breath




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Guided Meditation Affirming The Wonderful

Guided Meditation Affirming The Wonderful

Brian Scott