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Gun Night | 5

Gun Night | 5

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We recount the night before Christian’s death. Three of our persons of interest, including Whitley, were shooting guns at Jett Miller’s house the night of February 25th; Matt Miller (cousin) was also present. We hear conflicting stories on whether or not Whitley shot the gun.

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Comments (22)

Eiman zabihi njad


Apr 24th


Considering as that it sounds like she has a drug problem, is homeless, about to be without a vehicle and Christian always paid for everything, she knew he had money. Money is always the biggest motivation in murder. This chick definitely did it. I'm sure Dillon helped in some way too. People with drug and alcohol habits are pretty shady and will do just about anything to get a fix. I'm not saying all are but a good majority are.

Nov 3rd

alli lent

a bullet hole in his throat?? who would shoot themself in the throat if they were trying to commit suicide? how did the cops not get suspicious of this death with all the weird things that don't point to suicide? ughhhhh

Oct 3rd
Reply (4)

thomas cockburn

seriously you've got the name Dillan in the zip recruiter advert and the show. At least Dillan managed to get himself some employees after he conspired to murder.

Sep 24th

Debra Money

I just stumbled across this podcast today and have reached episode 5. I feel like Whiteley did it for an insurance payout. She was broke, about to be homeless and no vehicle. If she thought, or believed, Christian had made her a beneficiary, it would have solved all her problems.

Sep 5th


did anyone realize she contradicted herself in the texts between her and Matt? first said Dillon found him then turned around and said No Dillion told me to go upstairs and check on him and that's when i found him...🤔

Jul 29th
Reply (3)


the biggest question for me is WHY Whitley would have wanted him dead??

Jul 26th
Reply (3)

Jennifer Vogele

If Whitley premeditated killing Christian, it's logical that she would arrange to have gunshot residue on her hands already.

Jul 21st
Reply (1)

Stephanie Braud

Gun Night sounds like a huge conspiracy. It seems as though Whitley had premeditated the events for the following evening. This is so infuriating to me as I know it has to be for Ray and all of Christian's family and friends. There are SO many questions left unanswered here. The biggest being Why will they not reopen this case? I thought I remember hearing that the coroner's report did not classify this as a suicide, or did they? This entire case is one huge fumbled mess by local law enforcement. Sounds like MPD just didn't care!

Jul 8th
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Gun Night | 5

Gun Night | 5

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