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Guru Bhat - PayPal India

Guru Bhat - PayPal India

Update: 2019-12-30


We are fortunate to have Guru Bhat with us today. Guru joined PayPal in 2015 and currently leads its technology centers in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. He is also the Global Leader for PayPal’s products and APIs serving Merchant Data Platforms and Dispute Resolution Experiences. Guru comes with more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector and is responsible for driving PayPal’s technology strategy as the company builds out next-generation payment solutions and services. He maintains an avid interest in sports, books, movies, music and pretty much anything that makes life joyful and interesting. Guru also recently joined the ranks of those addicted to long-distance running.

Insights from this episode: 

  1. What makes PayPal a great place to work?

  2. What is Guru's approach to leadership and culture building at PayPal?

  3. What are Guru's productivity hacks for future CEOs?

  4. What are the most exciting technological breakthroughs we should expect?

  5. What’s been the experience of supporting local startups via a corporate accelerator?

  6. How is PayPal approaching newer technologies such as Blockchain?

  7. What are the technological benefits of cryptocurrencies?

  8. How easy is it to launch a stable coin for peer to peer transactions today?

  9. How do wearable payment devices and IoT payment gateways fit into the future of commerce?

Update: PayPal has left the Libra Association.

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Guru Bhat - PayPal India

Guru Bhat - PayPal India