DiscoverEasy PreyHackers Don’t Wear Hoodies with Lisa Plaggemier
Hackers Don’t Wear Hoodies with Lisa Plaggemier

Hackers Don’t Wear Hoodies with Lisa Plaggemier

Update: 2022-05-11


Everyone is at risk when they’re online. But there are simple security measures that you can implement that will make it more difficult to be hacked. Today’s guest is Lisa Plaggemier. Lisa is the Interim Executive Director for the National Cybersecurity Alliance. She has held executive roles with Ford Motor Company, InfoSec, and Media Pro. She is also a frequent speaker at major events and is a thought leader for innovative security trainings and awareness programs. 

Show Notes:

  • [1:05 ] - The National Cybersecurity Alliance has a mission to enable a more secure interconnected world.
  • [1:45 ] - Lisa was working in sales and marketing with Ford Motor Company, but shares an experience that changed her career trajectory.
  • [4:27 ] - Lisa created a series of videos that became popular with viewers.
  • [5:58 ] - Security professionals are well intentioned, but when educating people who are not technologists, you want to give just enough to stay interested.
  • [7:21 ] - People use technology to enhance their lives. The internet was never built to be secure.
  • [9:30 ] - Doing things securely doesn’t always mean that the user should be frustrated.
  • [11:04 ] - With keeping track of passwords, Lisa reveals the common misconception of password management sites.
  • [12:28 ] - Another problem is with business accounts and corporations where employees think the company handles security.
  • [14:23 ] - Unfortunately, there are some sites that don’t make using a password manager easy.
  • [15:31 ] - It really isn’t necessary to change your password every 90 days as was previously important to do.
  • [16:46 ] - It is important for people to research a company and their possible security breaches before doing business.
  • [17:57 ] - Part of many sites are requiring two factor authentication as a part of the setup process.
  • [19:27 ] - What if everyone did two factor authentication?
  • [21:46 ] - Lisa shares some stereotypes of hackers and phishing emails. But they aren’t like that anymore. Hacking has become very sophisticated.
  • [24:42 ] - Advertising and stock images feed this stereotype.
  • [26:24 ] - Organized crime is structured just like a professional organization.
  • [28:40 ] - People involved with organized crime look at what they are doing as just their job.
  • [30:04 ] - Lisa’s prediction in cybersecurity will get worse before it gets better.
  • [31:54 ] - In the security world, security professionals are improving their ability to educate the populace.
  • [33:52 ] - If we don’t report things, trends will not be noticed.
  • [35:31 ] - Always keep your software and apps updated. Updates are usually security driven.
  • [36:47 ] - The language barrier between employees of a company and the IT department is something that needs to be bridged.
  • [39:31 ] - There are a lot of free resources available on the National Cybersecurity Alliance’s website.

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Hackers Don’t Wear Hoodies with Lisa Plaggemier

Hackers Don’t Wear Hoodies with Lisa Plaggemier

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