Hacky Holidays!

Hacky Holidays!

Update: 2020-12-164


With the Electoral College handing Biden what felt like his 17th win, Axe, Murphy, and Gibbs convene for the last time this year to bid adieu to 2020. The Hacks discuss the future of Trumpism, Murphy shares his optimistic outlook for American democracy, and Axe and Gibbs squabble over the outcome of stimulus negotiations. So grab a beer and enjoy some holiday Hacks cheer!

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Comments (3)

Ed Potter

I don't think anyone is buying Murphy's line about giving in to get along with the GOP! BEEN there time and again over the last 40 years. Nothing explains the Republican party accepting the abuse heaped upon us but hatred of US. They have betrayed US. They are cancerous. The president installs a bunch of goons in the Defence department on the last months of his 'administration' for no good reasons anyone can think of. The frog is boiling, it's eyes are bulging out. I ask (God) often, "What did we do to deserve this?"

Dec 18th

Eliza Howarth

thanks, hacks! other political podcasts have an ax to grind, but you guys are brutally honest & equal opportunity b.s. callers.

Dec 17th

Sasha Lyn

When the democratic congress passed a relief bill in May and have only lowered the amounts.. four times? - to an amount that is frankly shamfullnandbineffective (what is anyone going to do with a one-time 1200$?!) When McConnell has only acted as an obstructionist or protector of corporatebdonors and insists on waiving corporate liability in litigation from workers harmed after being forced to work in unsafe COVID conditions (like meat packers working on top of one another) When these details are not mentioned and you speak of Pelosi 'playing games' and ' one must comprise'...When your conversation mentions none of this, you sound trivial and entitled and elitist. No one who has befallen on hardboiled and is educated professes Republican ideals.

Dec 16th
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Hacky Holidays!

Hacky Holidays!

David Axelrod