DiscoverLiterally! With Rob LoweHair Magician (w/ Demi Moore)
Hair Magician (w/ Demi Moore)

Hair Magician (w/ Demi Moore)

Update: 2020-08-1329


In which Rob and actress/producer/author Demi Moore discuss recording foley sounds for her new podcast Dirty Diana, shooting the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men, and reminisce about the effect director Joel Schumacher had on their lives. Plus: Rob tells the story of the infamous “Snow White disaster."

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Carol Gnerlich

Love you and love the podcast!! Keep on working and can't wait for 911 Lone Star to return!

Sep 22nd

Debbie Lagasca

Loved this and ALL the episodes I’ve listened to!!!

Sep 16th

Allison Davis

I absolutely love the different view and outlook we get to see you guys in your true form. As crazy good as you both are as actors you are both just as good as individual people and the realness you allow us to see. It helps us not feel so alone or an outcast

Aug 27th

Michelle St. Dennis

I love your podcast Rob! I enjoyed your conversation with Demi immensely. I'm a HUGE fan of About Last Night and St. Elmos Fire (About Last Night is my favorite of the two 😉). I am sober as well and I loved how candid you both are about your sobriety. Please have Demi back soon!

Aug 24th

Abby Hawkins

I listened, for THE First time, because of Demi Moore! Please have her back, to talk about the experiences with other actors & movies. I enjoyed it immensely!! Thank you!

Aug 21st


Hi from New Zealand! Love your podcasts! So look forward to them each week! You should come down for a visit when this craziness is over!

Aug 19th

K R.

I hope you and Demi are able to do another Podcast together. I'd love to hear more on "About Last Night" Looking forward to more Podcasts! Thanks Rob.

Aug 19th

Imran Ahmed

cant wait for this podcast each week!

Aug 18th

Toni Paxton

I read both of your autobiographies this summer and really enjoyed my trip down memory lane! My husband and I watched "About Last Night" during one of our first dates. That may be why we've been married this long (31 years in December). A fellow buckeye, Toni Paxton P. S. If you're ever in Delaware, my husband owns a cigar store here. He'd love a visit! He'll probably give you a sample 😉

Aug 15th
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Hair Magician (w/ Demi Moore)

Hair Magician (w/ Demi Moore)

Stitcher & Team Coco, Rob Lowe