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Halloween Ends - Bonkers

Halloween Ends - Bonkers

Update: 2022-10-18



Remember that wild Halloween Kills episode from last year? Melvin & Dan are ready to rock your world with a roaring sequel episode on Halloween Ends, a finale so bonkers it blows our minds! 


  • (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 34-minutes talking about Werewolf by Night, the borderline TV-MA Marvel special on Disney Plus! (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 
  • Melvin and Daniel talk around the movie before actually getting into specifics, because that's what Halloween Ends has done to your hosts. 
  • Spoilers from the get-go, as Melvin and Daniel realize they can't discuss the movie much without getting into specifics. 
  • Daniel clocked it; it takes 40 minutes before Michael Myers even shows up in Halloween Ends. You practically forget it's a Halloween movie by this point. 
  • Daniel, "This really feels like a strange episode, a Halloween-themed episode of Twin Peaks." 
  • In isolation, a lot of the new ideas throughout Halloween Ends are neat, but the way all of them are used and balanced here is very poor. 
  • Melvin & Daniel agree: the diner scene is when the movie starts to lose them. 
  • There's actually a lot to appreciate and enjoy about Halloween Ends, including its general mood and atmosphere. Unlike most movies, all three of these Halloween features are exceptional at capturing atmosphere and look very sleek. 
  • As movie lovers, how we enjoy movies becomes much more complicated, as even the worst movies like Halloween Ends can become more enjoyable than the most competent ones. 
  • Melvin suspects the marketing, and the fact that this is a "trilogy finale" and not just another sequel with the expectation of another sequel soon after really impacts the reception and enjoyment of Halloween Ends
  • Melvin & Dan suspect Halloween Ends will earn a strange reevaluation as a black sheep in the Halloween franchise, largely due to its extremely strange ideas. 


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Halloween Ends - Bonkers

Halloween Ends - Bonkers

Melvin & Dan