DiscoverHalshack Indie RockcastHalshack EP 12 "Able to Label" (7-14-18)
Halshack EP 12 "Able to Label" (7-14-18)

Halshack EP 12 "Able to Label" (7-14-18)

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Halshack has been granted a rare opportunity to breakout an upcoming band that has an officially endorsed cover of HUGE MEGA 1983 hit "Stand Back" by Stevie Nicks! She enlisted them to make it by way of mutual management team for the stellar band "PAPER JACKETS" and loved it! Its been authorized for exclusive pre-release on my show only!! WOW!! Thanks so much to the music elites and the management staff and to Stevie Nicks for allowing me this incredible honor!!

We've also got a slew of new artists plus past greats that are sure to aim to please the potential audience that may be listening in on this show. Ive got word from some various sources that the Halshack may be stirring the music pot just enough to cook some attention from a number of important gurus in the biz!

We've got another past Fox TV star, this time someone who used to play on "New Girl", she's all grown up and ready for the spotlight!

There's even a former American Idol Season 11 star in the mix fronting a nifty band from the capital of my home state (Raleigh, NC)

Catch us now on Podomatic, PlayerFM, Castbox, Spotify and Itunes as well as many others.

I'll add more later.....getting it on the web now! updated...7-14-18
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Ep. 11 "New Beginnings" (1-25-18)
Happy New Year 2018!! Time to get crankin' with a new episode and all new 11 bands and artists to get your new year started off with a bang!!There's even some Hollywood star talent in this show. A popular actor turned musician will be featured amongst many other rising talent hopefuls. There's even an all-new me to present with a new mic setup, I'm sounding more professional and ready to take on the radio airwaves in any city anywhere USA/Canada/UK/Australia and wherever else people like good music and a happy endearing infectious!! So as usual I'm not one to tell you who is in the show until you hear it. My reputation proceeds itself, just hit the play button and you will be pleasantly surprised that you have stumbled across the best kept secret in indie rock/pop/alt radio. We are growing immensely and are now featured on Discover Unsigned Radio, Bombshell Radio, The Indie Bible, FIYA music platform as well as Podomatic, PlayerFM, Mixcloud, Fandalism, Halshack website, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for helping us to achieve success and for your continued support to help us reach our goals!!I will be posting track lists for all episodes at my website as well as links where each episode can be heard. The track list for this show will be posted at a later date once its had its run. I don't believe in spoilers, I believe you should have no preconceptions when you hit the play button other than trust that I will not waste a minute of your time on non-marketable, non-mainstream radio ready bands that don't have proven reputations and tract records with at least some moderate success within their region of the world or maybe even globally. In this episode there will be:Alt Vault..2 songsFunk Trunk..2 songsMystery Spotlight including Pop Stop....4 songsRock Block ....3 songsBlues Grooves (Americana)..2 songsWithin these segments I award special tracks recognition.Shacktrack Of the MonthBreakout Artist of the MonthHomegrown Artist of the Month (Local North Carolina and SC acts)All-new award for Ep. 11Songwriter award ..thinking of calling it the Shack MuseSo listen and find out who wins the all-new Shack Muse of the Month!!OK ya'll Ive yammered enough and I'll probably be adding more at a later be sure to look for 11.5 "Shackstars", there will be 2 versions floating around for Airport Impressions and Narrow Plains. Why is there an 11.5 and why is there 2 versions? Oooohhh..Im' soooo glad you asked..lolWell since this show also runs on 2 radio stations Bombshell Radio and Discover Unsigned, I have 2 hour time slots to fill so I make an extra 45 min showcase on past talent and officially with this release they will be full cd's. (Well as much as I can fit There will be no me just music and you can find a track list posted on the podcast and at my website. Now I made 2 versions cause frankly I couldn't decide who to use and who to keep back for episode 12 Shackstars and I thought I would let the radio stations play both if they wanted or they could choose. Plus these camps are just so nice about sharing and spreading the love all around for the Halshack that I shall always try to return the favor for these so helpful ladies and gents. Thanks again folks!! See you soon for Episode 12!!
Ep. 10 "Battleshack".....10/15/17
Well we've been having a little contest all summer where you the listener got to place votes for your fave Halshack artists and bands.The contest ran for 2 months and we closed the voting on Labor Day 2017. Originally the idea was to make a show for the top 3 artists but I thought that would get kind of boring so I changed up and decided we would have a top 10 "Shackdown" instead...HA!!So this is a show dedicated to the bands that got the most votes.In order to be fair...each vote consisted of 3 bands or artists so that way we got an unbiased look at who the best talent is. I dont like contests based on voting alone. Anyone can vote up your band multiple times or you get all the fans coming on and voting so in order to curb these habits, I allowed only one vote per person, (the voting algorithm I used was able to pinpoint multiple votes from same users and kick them out)Also we had several tie breaking decisions to make as well so we made sure the right artists were appropriately placed within the top 10! It's a sophisticated algorithm and I think it gave us the best possible scenario for our top 10 results. Sure people could argue well I liked this band over this band but that's all about personal preference and I cant make up votes that didn't happen or take away votes because someone disagrees. This seems to be the general consensus among our listener base and the Top 10, especially the top 5, are all of equal talent and certainly deserve the attention and praise.(side note)....there's a special extended ep 10.5 bonus show "Shackcredibles" featuring some of the bands that got votes but not enough to make the top 10. Hope you check that out as well. Thanks for listening and supporting indie
The Red Harbour (Yucaipa, CA)...Run Away
These guys burst onto the scene, a couple years ago, with their distinct dark-indie alternative edge which enabled them to blaze a trail on their way to regional fame. Their Twitter account boasts 15k followers and growing as well as the bands presence around California.The band has currently been in the studio dreaming up new tunes to serenade their fans and hopefully gain new ones too. Lets see if we can't get them a few more while we wait for their new tracks to take form and board the showboat that is "The Red Harbour"A little history about this group...when I discovered them they were still working on this track "Run Away", they sent me a rough demo which I then used my super-duty technical and put my wits to their recording and gave it a nice playable sound. That was on episode 5...they were so young too when they cut this song...ages 15 up to 20....very mature song and sound for such a young band. They have also released a second song "Ocean' which is great as well and was also featured on a past episode of my show.Well this version here is the all "new and improved" studio cut and way better than the rough demo we had done just to get the song out there to the masses. See what you think...I know I'm ready to dock my boat and sit a spell at the Red Harbour...maybe you will join me!!
Civilized Tears (Nashville, TN)...Blue Sunrise
The band and the singer in this group are quite brilliant. The different levels in this song are very complex, it shows a fanatical skill for writing and song arrangement. The vocalist is British and it works very well in his favor. He has a fantastic range and with Civilized Tears, they have played numerous concerts an even opened for National acts. Radio play and distribution across major outlets.There's not enough good comments I can make about this song, the group, and the man behind the band Timothy Bennet-Smith. Ive had the pleasure of promoting and getting to know this act over the last couple of years. Tim has been busy helping his wife Bambi ,who is also the band's bass player, raise their 3 children. We will hopefully see this band get back into the "groove" of things as their children grow and time will allow Civilized Tears to be reborn. Until then, help them keep the dream alive and we will be waiting for their clandestine return to the music-sphere. I feel this song represents the very best of the bands playlist but also the rest of their songs are very good too. Will be featuring some more of this band in future episodes of my show.Be sure to find everything halshack at these links. listen to an epidose, play some songs, hit the download buttons, get the app on Google and Itunes, give us likes and comments and plylist adds. All these things help keep us up in rank on the #1 alt chart, going for #1 overall at podomatic. Please help us get there....Thank you for rockin' the Halshack!!
HALSHACK Ep. 9 (4-25-17) ALT, ROCK, POP (Brand new Music!!)
Ep. 9 (4-25-17) new format!! Still the same great show!!www.halshack.comBrand new streamlined edition of the Halshack Rockcast!! Shows gotten too long so were trimming it down to get you "in and out" in just about an hour. Come on folks you've got an hour to spare right while your cleaning house, driving the car, working at your computer or working out at the gym. Give us a download and you will discover that the Halshack is not playing around when he says "only the best indie rock, pop, and alt"Halshack's bands and artists come with a long list of accomplishments from opening for National acts on worldwide tours, radio play on FM stations in various cities, TV interviews and numerous radio gigs. Fans ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 so these are no small potatoes bands and artists. They have proven track records to succeed in the ever growing music factory and some have potential to break out as world wide stars. Thats correct folks everyone of these fabulous artists are unsigned with no major label backing. (not that they are not worthy) We just havn't found the right deal yet or made the right contact or they simply want no label involvement and want to pursue their own path. So we're doing it on our own Indie style!! Maybe one day with the right backing we can form our own major indie label without all the red tape and blurred lines. Until then we're plugging good music and Grade A talent till the cows come home and the pigs fly!! Wahooo!!!So how about giving us a listen or download, you may even discover your new favorite band and want to help support their efforts.Thanks for rockin the Halshack and getting us to over 100,000 total plays across all channels. keep it up Shackheads..lolShare and tell everyone out there in Shackland that this is the new home for the freshest alt, pop, and rock this side of...well...anywhere!!Thank you to all my bands, fans and followers!!BE SURE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE (will be updating asap)Videos, music, info about the bands and upcoming concerts as well as top notch Ace reviews from our bang-up writing staff and review crew made up of aspiring journalists and former major record label affiliate scouts with Road Runner Records. Review concerts and tours
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Halshack EP 12 "Able to Label" (7-14-18)

Halshack EP 12 "Able to Label" (7-14-18)

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