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Ham Radio Paradigm Shift

Ham Radio Paradigm Shift

Update: 2021-05-08


On this week's episode of Ham Radio Crash Course, a podcast roughly

based on amateur radio but mostly made up of responding to emails from

listeners, hosted by Josh Nass - KI6NAZ and his reluctant wife, Leah -

KN6NWZ, Josh talks about mobile radio installation and the paradigm shift in Ham Radio, Leah talks about preventing electrical fires in the home while Josh clarifies some finer points. 


Have a drink with us! Today, we’re drinking… Laurent Duplanc Cotes-du-Rhône red wine and The Bruery Ruekeller Helles Style Lager.


Josh has a short tip with the Ham Radio Minute: Josh talks about mobile radio install best practices. 


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What We Used This Week (affiliate links): 

Catan Jr. -

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Ham Radio Crash Course A-store:

Aredn Links Page:

Preparedness Corner: Leah talks about how to avoid electrical fires inside the home and Josh adds his $0.02. 

Email Correspondent’s Tower: We answer emails with ham radio questions, comments on previous podcasts, T-shirt suggestions and everything in between.

Links mentioned in the ECT:

Article on Great Auroral Storms:


Wikipedia IP over Avian Carriers article:

RFC 1149:

RFC 2549:

RFC 6214:

Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems:

Misc. YouTube electric pickle videos:

The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License Part 1 by Michael Burnette (aff link):

Fedco Seeds:

Elderly couple uses Morse code to escape assisted living facility:

Golden Packed APRS:


Sterling N0SSC YouTube and blog:


Adam K6ARK suggestions:

Helinox Ground Chair (aff link) -

Thermarest Z Seat -

Remote Hams -

YouTube Channel -


Tactical Trashcan (Cheap EMP Proof Ham Radio Emergency Comms):

General License Prep: Leah takes on the general test and learns about minimum power necessary and local oscillators. 

Show Topic: Josh talks about the paradigm shift in ham radio and advancing technologies in the amateur radio industry. 

Thank you all for listening to the podcast.  We have a lot of fun making it and the fact you listen and send us feedback means alot to us!

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Ham Radio Paradigm Shift

Ham Radio Paradigm Shift

Josh Nass KI6NAZ