DiscoverHarford County Living with Rich BennettHappy Halloween Get That Mask On
Happy Halloween Get That Mask On

Happy Halloween Get That Mask On

Update: 2020-10-26


On this episode of Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios, Rich speaks with Molly Mraz and Ronya Nassar of the Harford County Health Department.

Find out about the proper masks to wear, who should be wearing masks and who shouldn't and great Halloween tips.

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Transcription after Intro:

Richard Bennett  0:00  
I'd like to welcome everybody to Harford County Living with Rich Bennett.

God, how can I say this?

It's been months since I've seen these two young ladies. To me, they're like sisters because it's become a family. And I gotta admit, I really miss them. I have Molly and Ronya on from the Harford County Health Department. God, I believe that the last time we talked I think was February. Yeah. Oh, yes, of course. We're doing this virtually. So. God it is great to see you too. I gotta admit, I actually miss you all.

Molly Mraz & Ronya Nassar  0:43  
We miss you. 

The highlight of our month

Richard Bennett  0:51  
what? We're going to talk about something that it's because Ronya and I were talking before we started recording, because I believe the last podcast we did was about viruses. Mm hmm. More or less before? I believe so. Yeah.

Molly Mraz & Ronya Nassar  1:08  

Richard Bennett  1:09  
Yeah. Because at the time, I mentioned that my wife, myself and my daughter were

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Happy Halloween Get That Mask On

Happy Halloween Get That Mask On