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Hasta la vista Silicon Valley

Hasta la vista Silicon Valley

Update: 2018-10-30


Sometimes the most powerful decisions we make are also the hardest. For me, at 46, with 9 years in Silicon Valley, friends, a strong network and a new business, June 29th was Judgement Day.

My ex wife wanted to return to her home country, some 8,000 miles away and with her would go my kids. For some the decision to leave would be easy but for me, and for others caught on the treadmill of Tech glory, leaving is never easy.

So how did I make the call? What was my thought process and how did my experience both as a coach and being coached help make this decision easier.

This podcast is all about how I came to the realization that it was time for new challenges and adventures.

I hope it helps anyone in a similar position - whether it's a job you hate, a bad relationship, or a situation which simply infringes on the very values that make you who you are. The answer is always in plain site. You just might not see it.

Enjoy and please don't forget to subscribe to this podcast. For more great content on marketing, tech and living a career of meaning and impact make sure to also check out my blog: as well as my Facebook page:

Enjoy and good luck!

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Hasta la vista Silicon Valley

Hasta la vista Silicon Valley

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