DiscoverMom SLOW DOWN!Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub
Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub

Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub

Update: 2021-01-05


 Show Notes.

The mind and the body are not separate entities, even if they are so often treated as such. Physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what’s known as the mind-body connection. Today’s guest is Heidi Straub, Founder and Chief Insight Officer of Health InSight. Health InSight is about helping others transform their lives and achieve their dreams. Life is a rocky road with many bumps and bruises along the way and, even after overcoming the resulting injuries, it may be surprising to find that the wounds are still there. Unknowingly, they can weigh people down and hold them back. Heidi hopes to help people get “unstuck” by nurturing the mind-body connection, tapping into the subconscious mind, and doing emotional release work and rapid resolution therapy. In this episode, she talks about resolving trauma, using the muscle testing approach, and speaking the language of the subconscious mind. We also dive into creating new neural pathways, how Heidi empowers her clients and introduces them to a new way of thinking about healing. During our conversation, she also shares some incredible testimonials from her clients, asserts the importance of acknowledging the weight of emotional baggage, and how she receives energy from her work without taking on her clients’ pain. So make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

• How Heidi came up with the titles she has given herself, chief insight officer.

• Heidi shares a bit about her background and what she does to help people get unstuck today.

• No one gets through life without experiencing pain – it’s part of the human condition.

• Uppercase-T Traumas are recognized, but lowercase-t traumas aren’t always acknowledged.

• Resolving trauma doesn’t have to be painful – Heidi explains that we don’t have to relive it.

• Heidi’s techniques all revolve around the subconscious mind and helping people tap into it.

• The two approaches Heidi uses – emotional release work and rapid resolution therapy.

• Creating new neural pathways, clearing energy, and shifting our ways of thinking.

• Why guilt doesn’t make us better decision-makers and how we can create a paradigm shift.

• What Heidi’s clients seek her out for and what her clientele demographic looks like.

• What Heidi finds so amazing about the work she does is how it empowers her clients.

• The interconnectedness of our body, mind, spirit, soul, and consciousness.

• A new way of thinking – healing doesn’t have to be a long, painful, difficult process.

• The history of rapid resolution therapy and how Heidi came across it in the first place.

• Some rapid resolution therapy testimonials that stand out to Heidi, both physical and mental.

• The most frequent feedback Heidi gets from clients after a session is that they feel light.

• Just because emotional baggage is invisible doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

• Being a good mom isn’t being selfish – it’s showing our kids how important self-love is.

• The thoughts we think have such a powerful influence on our lives, says Heidi.

• How Heidi takes care of herself – she doesn’t go into her work with clients as an empath.

• Heidi talks about the importance of maintaining energy in resonance.

• It all goes back to being clear and present so we can have connection, which is the most important thing for human beings.

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Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub

Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection with Heidi Straub

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