DiscoverMystic Moon CafeHealing With The Tarot In Troubled Times, Guests Cindy Mckean & Kevin Walder
Healing With The Tarot In Troubled Times, Guests Cindy Mckean & Kevin Walder

Healing With The Tarot In Troubled Times, Guests Cindy Mckean & Kevin Walder

Update: 2020-03-26


June and Wendy will be talking with the multi-talented Kevin Walder, and the always welcome Cindy McKean of Kansas City Astrology and Tarot, about the connection between Tarot, Astrology and Healing!
7:00 pm Pacific, 9:00 pm Central, 10:00 pm Eastern!
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Kevin Walder
Artist, writer, podcaster, and student of Tarot, lives with his husband, in Northwest Washington State. Kevin continues to expand his knowledge and understanding of Tarot and other spiritual subjects guided by a general knowledge of the cards, while allowing intuition to deliver personal messages..
Kevin is the author of two books on Tarot: Tarot For Lunch - Lessons From The Cards and 22 Teachers - Healing Lessons From The Major Arcana, both of which are available on
The Oracle's Scroll Facebook Page:
About Cindy:
Many (very many) moons ago Linda Goodman introduced me to astrology. Rather, her book, Sun Signs, did when I was 18 years old. From there I did everything I could to learn about astrology.
Those were the days before the internet and readily available sophisticated astrology software, so I had to draw up charts by hand and use an ephemeris to find planetary positions. It was challenging but fun.
During university, astrology was a very big part of my life. After studying and practicing for a decade, life presented a series of teachers that subtly immersed me in environments of enlightenment. This is where Tarot and dowsing (radiesthesia) come in.
On that learning path, I met some of the finest teachers, all whom I found through serendipity. Many of them are dear friends from the Edgar Cayce Center.
Simultaneously, my astrology studies were taken to a higher level through an awesome astrology group led by Kay in New York City. As life has its ways, Kay wanted to learn palmistry...
Palmistry was always a part of my life. My mother read palms during social occasions. It was a sort of parlor game when the ladies in the neighborhood got together. As far as she knows, her grandmother would read palms, and the skill was passed down to the daughters in the family. I learned very young and mastered it by the time I was introduced to astrology.
I've been very blessed with my career reading. I've done a lot of traveling and through my travels, I've run into people who have sought readings. This has exposed me to a wide variety of people, cultural backgrounds, problems, solutions, laughter, tears, and most of all, joy. I now do readings full time in Kansas City and beyond. I am the owner, operator, and sole employee (sole reader) of Kansas City Astrology & Tarot, LLC.
Through my esoteric learning I was fortunate to be a student of two mystery schools listed below. I've been doing professional consultations in astrology and palmistry for over 24 years and professional consultations in Tarot and dowsing for over 9 years. I've also taken classes through Kepler College, the only college to offer bachelors in astrology in the USA.
In the short time I've been in Kansas City, I've been invited to write and publish articles for both non-profit and private organizations in the local area, speak about esoteric topics at public events, to consult for general interest and political articles in Kansas City Star, was blessed to be the featured astrologer for a 3.5 minute clip on KCTV5 10 PM news. I've also done consultations for missing persons and murder cases. In March of 2018, I began providing "expert" information for esoteric and metaphysical topics to various media outlets such as Reader's Digest, Elite Daily, Romper, and Women's Health. I'm tickled pink to be a regular contributor to Bustle, one of the top 5 women's magazines in the nation. I also have the honor of being an official partner, vendor, and professional Astrologer at AstroloGeeks.
Born and raised on the Canadian border of New York state, I've since lived in nine countries and twenty cities. As a resident in Kansas City since 2014, I'm thrilled that it's my new home!
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Healing With The Tarot In Troubled Times, Guests Cindy Mckean & Kevin Walder

Healing With The Tarot In Troubled Times, Guests Cindy Mckean & Kevin Walder

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