DiscoverThe Retirement Wisdom PodcastHealthy Lifestyle Choices in Retirement – Glen Robison
Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Retirement – Glen Robison

Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Retirement – Glen Robison

Update: 2021-11-01


Is it time to make the healthy lifestyle changes that perhaps you’ve been putting off? Our guest is Glen Robison, author of  Healthy Dad, Sick Dad. The book’s subtitle says it all: What Good Is Your Wealth If You Don’t Have Your Health?

We discuss:

  • The story behind his two Dads – and what lessons he took from them

  • How your lifestyle choices affect your health

  • The most important lifestyle factors to zero in on

  • The biggest changes he’s made personally

  • Yin and Yang foods – and how to achieve the optional balance

  • His go-to recommend resources

He joins us from Arizona.



In Healthy Dad, Sick DadDr. Glen N. Robison shares his personal journey with two very similar fathers who ended up in drastically different retirements. Determined to understand why, Dr. Robison studied his healthy father’s lifestyle and emulated it for fifteen years, with dramatic improvements to his own health. Now, he shares the secrets of living toward a long, healthy life.

Dr. Glen N. Robison is Diplomate of the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry Board Certified in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Robison is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and certified Myopractor, trained in releasing deep restrictions of motion in the body that resides at the root of our symptoms and ailments. Having applied the principles found in this book for over fifteen years, he has expanded his practice to include dietary approaches that address everything from fungal infections to diabetes.


Wise Quotes

On Adopting a Healthy Diet

“I think part of the challenge here, at least it appears to me, is that medicine today is about how a pill makes a quick fix. Work takes a little bit of a long time, but perhaps is more sustaining over a course of a lifetime. Right out of my residency, I was in my first year in practice, and I was on the go, go, go. I was trying to pay off the student loans. I was starting a family. I was trying to pay down the debt. And so I was running on willpower. I was running on adrenaline. And so I gravitated to the social things of life, the quick energy, high-sugary food type things. And over a course of time, it really started to take a toll on me. And so when I couldn’t get out of bed and because of my back was hurting so bad and I realized, man, being young in practice, I didn’t have any health insurance. Nothing. I was like, what am I doing? And so surgery wasn’t an answer for me. I didn’t want to get cut on. I know my sick dad had back surgery. I didn’t want to follow down his road. So I was directed to my healthy dad. And I remember when he worked on me and he made a comment: Man, you’re like a dang bag of potatoes. You’re so stiff. In order to really fully get you to where you need to be, you’re going to have to change what you eat. And that didn’t make sense to me. I said I’m just here for my back. I just need to get my back fixed. But it took a couple of years of him talking to me and telling me that you really have to change what you eat.”

On Emotions & Health

“I’ve learned how to engage my emotions to hold me in check, meaning that anger, grief, frustration, resentment, all these things, have a direct effect on our health. Grief and worry are directly related to diabetes. And so I could tell you a story right there that I’ve experienced, I had with worry and grief, that can elevate your blood sugars. And so I’ve been more attuned to the emotions and have learned to just be more trusting, be more forgiving, be more loving, and not take in these harsh, emotional elements that I’ve incorporated into my life.”


For More on Dr. Glen Robison

Healthy Dad Sick Dad: What Good Is Your Wealth If You Don’t Have Your Health?

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Retirement – Glen Robison

Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Retirement – Glen Robison

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