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Helping talented kids

Helping talented kids

Update: 2021-02-08


How can we give our kids the tools that they need, as they embark upon a career in the arts? How can we especially help those kids with exceptional talent and neurodiversity?

Welcome to this episode of the Beyond Success Podcast. This series of conversations with business experts and captains of industry, is here to serve you in your growth as an entrepreneur. No matter what level of success you are at, there are always areas of growth open to us. So please join us in the collective uplift by listening, learning, enjoying and sharing this podcast!

Building a career in the arts, be it as a musician, actor or any other kind of creative, is fraught with the potential for pitfalls. While making overtures to being welcoming and inclusive, the film and music industries are often very intolerant of those who process life differently. Working to equip neurodiverse kids with the ability to negotiate their way through the creative industries, to embrace their differences and understand their worth is the mission for this week’s guest: Nadine Crespo.

Nadine is the creator of the Raising Rockstars Academy. Nadine has been independently coaching artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders since 2011. She started her coaching career when working for Tony Robbins and grew exponentially as she sought degrees in Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Applied Behavior Analysis. As a Behavior Analyst and Leadership Strategist, Nadine has helped hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs, families, and social service agencies create individualized programs that teach self-mastery and performance enhancement along with the sustainability.

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Timestamps of interest:

01:25 - Welcome Nadine

05:29 - What is ‘Neurodiversity’?

08:35 - The road to Raising Rockstars Academy

11:59 - Finding the way organically from what we have at home

17:00 - Changing the thought processes around neurodiversity

22:00 - The difference between forcing diversity & inspiring it

26:21 - How to connect and contribute to Nadine’s mission









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Helping talented kids

Helping talented kids

Daniel Mangena