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Here’s Why The Orosound Tilde Pro Is Perfect For Zoom Calls

Here’s Why The Orosound Tilde Pro Is Perfect For Zoom Calls

Update: 2022-10-24


In this episode you'll learn about a Bluetooth wireless headset that's perfect for all your Zoom voice and video calls. Listen in to find out what makes this headset better than others so you'll always sound your best when on your calls.

You'll also find out about a discount you can use if you buy one of these headsets, and you'll also find out about a unique purchasing program only available through Headset Advisor. So make sure to listen to the entire episode so you get all the details.

This episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, Founder and CEO of Headset Advisor.

For a business to achieve name recognition to the level that pretty much everybody knows it, is not an easy task. But that's exactly what Zoom has accomplished.

Zoom  went from a fairly recognizable name, to one that's achieved household name recognition status.  We all know about being on a "Zoom call" and what that means. But when you're on those calls, what is the best device to use so you're heard loud, clear and professionally?  How about the microphone and speakers that you find in any of the Laptops? Probably not your best option. Well, how about using a usb speakerphone? Better, but is it best? Not really.  You could always get one of those cheap plug in goose neck mics, but that would put you in the lower rungs of the microphone food chain. So what's best? A high quality wireless headset.

I'm not referring to just any headset, I'm referring to a good one because you want to sound good on all your calls. Here's the headset for you.

The Orosound Tilde Pro

It gives you voice quality that's far superior to just about any other headset available. And the noise reducing microphone eliminates unwanted background noise so your callers will hear you, and not the sounds going on around you.

You get a battery that gives you 28 hours of talk time so you won't need to charge this headset every day. In fact, you may only need to charge it once a week. And when you're recharging, you can use the headset, where others will keep you waiting.

The Tilde Pro comes with a feature called Active Noise Cancelation, or ANC for short. ANC is designed to give the person wearing the headset control over the amount of noise they hear. You have 10 stages of noise control, so you can dial it up, or down, depending on how much you want to hear so you can keep focused on your work.

The Voice First feature allows you to have a face to face conversation, without the need to remove the headset. It can become very frustrating to keep taking off the headset throughout the day, but with Voice  First, you just press a button to have a conversation.

The excellent noise canceling microphone is magnetically attached. You can use it, or remove it at will. It removes simply, and reattaches easy as well. So when on important calls, use the boom mic for the best sound quality. Then, when listening to music, remove it for a headphones look.

The ear cushions are interchangeable between those that go against the ear, and those that fully surround the ear. Either way, you get to choose the ones that are right for you. And the sound quality of the ear speakers are first rate. Truthfully, they sound extremely good, and though not to the level of Bose, for a business headset, the Tilde Pro sounds incredible.

The Tilde Pro also comes with a  USB Adapter so you won't need to connect to your computer via Bluetooth, which can be unstable, and give you compromised sound quality. The USB adapter gives you a better connection, and better sound for use on all your Zoom calls.

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Here’s Why The Orosound Tilde Pro Is Perfect For Zoom Calls

Here’s Why The Orosound Tilde Pro Is Perfect For Zoom Calls

Doug Merritt