High Blood Sugar Despite No Dietary Sugar?

High Blood Sugar Despite No Dietary Sugar?

Update: 2020-05-26


Today we’re going to talk about why you might have high blood sugar in the morning even though you’ve had zero sugar. You might even have your first meal and notice that your blood sugar levels actually go down. What’s up with that?

Your liver is actually what’s making the sugar. The name for this is called gluconeogenesis. The liver is making new sugar out of protein, ketones, or fat. 

Everyone has a little bit of this going on. To an extent, this is a normal reaction due to hormone fluctuations. To a very small degree, you’ll have blood sugar fluctuations throughout the night and throughout the day. But, when you have too much of this, it’s called the dawn phenomenon. 

The dawn phenomenon is a situation where you wake up, and your blood sugars are too high. This is likely due to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance makes the dawn phenomenon a lot worse. 

All of this goes back to insulin, which stores fat, and is supposed to keep gluconeogenesis from happening. When you have insulin resistance, in certain parts of your body, you don’t have enough insulin. But, in other parts of the body, you have too much insulin. 

A normal blood sugar level is about 80. This would mean you have about 1 level teaspoon of sugar in all of your blood or 5 grams. For every 10 points that your blood sugar goes up, that’s an increase of 1/2 gram. If your blood sugar is 120 in the morning, this means you have an extra 2 grams of sugar in all of your blood. This is not an outrageous amount that will cause a lot of problems. 

What you can do if you have high blood sugar in the morning:

1. Give it time

2. Take things to speed up the process (potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B12)

3. Exercise (walk for about 20 minutes) 

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High Blood Sugar Despite No Dietary Sugar?

High Blood Sugar Despite No Dietary Sugar?

Dr. Eric Berg