High Liver Enzymes: What Do They Mean?

High Liver Enzymes: What Do They Mean?

Update: 2020-08-02


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In this podcast, Dr. Berg talks about liver enzymes. There are two main liver enzymes; the AST and ALT. As the liver gets damaged, these two enzymes go up. These enzymes are only one of the factors when you are evaluating. 

Some Main Symptoms of Liver Damage: 

• Jaundice 

• Tired 

• Ascites – it looks like a beer gut or a pot belly. 

• Itchy Feet 

• Edema

• Bloating 

• Spider Veins 

• Digestive Issues 

Ratios of Enzymes: 

• High AST and High ALT: Viral Hepatitis 

• High AST and Normal ALT: Cirrhosis 

• AST more than double than ALT: Alcoholic Liver 

Ways to Repair the Liver: 

1. Healthy ketogenic diet 

2. Intermittent Fasting 

3. Avoid refined foods

4. Avoid alcohol

5. Avoid medications 

6. Consume enough vegetables 

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High Liver Enzymes: What Do They Mean?

High Liver Enzymes: What Do They Mean?

Dr. Eric Berg