DiscoverHow to Scale a Video BusinessHighlights of 2020. EP #144 - Den Lennie
Highlights of 2020. EP #144 - Den Lennie

Highlights of 2020. EP #144 - Den Lennie

Update: 2020-12-24


Today, while everyone's bitching and moaning about 2020, Den talks about the very best moments of 2020. Hear Den's refreshing take on this year, plus... a ton of spookily-effective business tips you can implement right now!

Here is a peek at what you'll hear:

  • The single most underrated attribute for growing a business. (It's easy to spot business owners who don't have this attribute -  they're the ones working harder than an ugly stripper and earning even less. - 0:30 )

  • Wicked good Video Business Accelerator success stories. - 1:30

  • Gloriously entertaining conversations Den had with potential clients who he had to turn down. -2:30

  • The #1 difference between Den's most successful clients and the people Den turns away. (FACT: Not everyone is a good fit for Den's Video Accelerator Business program. If you're considering getting coached by Den and you sound like the people Den describes at 3:45 , then this program ain't for you, Freckles.)

  • What Den just released to the market place that can potentially help a lot of fledgling filmmakers grow their business - fast! - 5:00

  • 4 reasons why Den thought 2020 was a great year! - 7:40

  • The sordid truth about business nobody wants to talk about. - 8:00

  • Why adopting the "It's always my fault" mindset could be the most positive thing you ever do. - 9:25

  • A big tip-off that a filmmaker has the business acumen of a bucket of pig shit. - 10:15

  • The “two-word sentence” that can probably solve 80% of business owners' business problems. -10:55

  • How “tweaking” your email inbox can help grow your business  - 11:50

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Highlights of 2020. EP #144 - Den Lennie

Highlights of 2020. EP #144 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie