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Hommyo Hidefumi of atmos

Hommyo Hidefumi of atmos

Update: 2020-06-151


Hommyo Hidefumi is the founder of legendary Tokyo-based sneaker boutique, atmos. The store is more than a retail space, but a cornerstone of streetwear culture that helped cultivate the early sneaker scene in Japan. Many attribute the store to having not only the best collection of sneakers to date, but also having some of the best collaborations of all time—most notably with Nike and their ever popular Air Max 1's. 

With more than 30 stores globally, Hommyo opened atmos in Harajuku in 2000 after the success of his first retail store Chapter. Soon after, young kids all over the world were traveling to atmos, and it became the mecca of sneaker culture in Asia.  Atmos is a reflection of Hommyo's ability to personify every sneaker that comes through his space. He is in every right an auteur, being able to create a unique narrative whether it's through the sneaker accounts at his store or the variety of collabs atmos has worked on. 

Hommyo's penchant for sneaker collecting began in the early 90's while attending college in Philadelphia. Soon enough, he was driving along the East Coasting copping sneakers at a fraction of the price they were sold overseas. The rest there on after would become streetwear history. While businesses are focusing more digitally, Hommyo still emphasizes the importance of a retail space, being that "we are humans, not robots" and that all the "f***ing talking, bulls*** talking" is an absolute necessity when it comes to sneaker culture. In this episode, he breaks down the early days of atmos, what it takes to survive in this competitive market, the future of streetwear culture and more. 

Thank you so much for tuning into the Business of HYPE. As always, thank you for tuning into HYPEBEAST Radio and Business of HYPE. Please don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe to our other shows. This episode was recorded prior to COVID-19 with the interludes recorded during. We hope you guys stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing and find ways to still stay inspired during this time.

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Hommyo Hidefumi of atmos

Hommyo Hidefumi of atmos