DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastHonoring Your Hunger (Intuitive Eating Principle 2)
Honoring Your Hunger (Intuitive Eating Principle 2)

Honoring Your Hunger (Intuitive Eating Principle 2)

Update: 2020-07-07


Intuitive eating is not just a list of rules that will tell you what to do and what not to do. While that may sound scary, intuitive eating will give you entry points of investigation so that you can begin to implement new things and get more in touch with yourself. Although it is often very different than what people expect it to be, intuitive eating can be transformative if you prepare yourself with the knowledge you need before diving in. This is why I have created a series all about the 10 Intuitive Eating Principles you need to know before getting started.

Many People Are Ignoring The Cries Of Our Bodies

Intuitive eating principle number two is all about learning how to sense and honor your hunger. By building skills such as heightening your awareness within your body, learning how to dismantle diet culture and the systems of oppression it feeds into you can return to trusting that your body signals are not trying to fuck you over. 

Many people are ignoring the cries of our bodies because diet culture has taught us to distrust our bodies. Today I urge you to stop listening to them and start listening to what is right for your body so that you can embrace your body’s own innate wisdom and signals. Hunger can show up in so many different ways, and it is only by becoming aware of your own unique hunger whispers that you can take the next step in your intuitive eating journey.

Are you ready to find greater peace with food and honor your hunger? Share what you struggle with most about intuitive eating principle two and how you are working to heal it in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • How to build your own interoceptive awareness around feeling hungry (8:10 )
  • Why intuitive eating is not just listening to your body to know when to eat (11:03 )
  • The four things you need to know about honoring your sense of hunger (12:05 )
  • Understanding your biological drive for energy and how to stop overriding it (18:08 )
  • Tips for catching your hunger at a whisper before it turns into a shout (23:13 )



“Beginning to implement intuitive eating in your life to find more peace with food, to be able to eat the foods you enjoy without feeling guilty, to allow yourself to experience that, and to move away from the extremes that I know you are tired of.” (4:33 )

“Hunger is one of your bodies signals, it is a natural body signal. And if you can sense your hunger, that is a very good thing. That means there is a connection, an open line of communication, between you and your body. It is not something to fear, it is something to be grateful for.” (8:40 )

“Diet culture is not stopping, and it is certainly not stopping for a fucking pandemic, its not stopping because we are in social isolation, if anything its getting louder, and its getting louder in certain ways as it strives to stay relevant. We are consistently confronted with this stuff, so we can’t just lock ourselves away.” (13:41 )

“When you withhold and restrict your food intake, your body compensates by increasing your drive and desire to eat, while also oftentimes decreasing your desire to move.” (22:16 )

“This is where it is really important to get clear about your personal body signals that you notice when your hunger starts to creep up on you.” (24:14 )



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Honoring Your Hunger (Intuitive Eating Principle 2)

Honoring Your Hunger (Intuitive Eating Principle 2)

Steph Gaudreau