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Hoops.... I Did it Again!

Hoops.... I Did it Again!

Update: 2022-04-06


Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

Happy April everybody! New month, new showgram. As Spring Break approaches for the Honchos, the guys talked about their Spring Break plans, toilet habits, and Paul’s new Bryan Adams tribute band. That was merely the warm-up for the everyone’s favorite new segment, Who Wore It Best? This is episode 57, so we paid tribute to another famous 57, former Twins and Mets pitcher Johan Santana. The Honchos finished the opening segment with a rousing Headlines segment featuring Australian vasectomy trends, chicken tender 911 calls, and uncomfortable passenger behavior on Southwest airlines.

In the NCAA segment the Honchos did their usual thorough breakdown of Kansas’s 72-69 win over UNC in the NCAA Championship, as well as a shout out to South Carolina’s victory over UConn in the women’s tournament. The Honchos even squeezed in the winner of the Famous Alumni Bracket (still not on Twitter), Paul Rudd from the University of Kansas.

The NFL Recap only had one story, and of course it had to be about the Washington Commanderskins. This time it was alleged financial improprieties that if true, may be the death knell for team owner Little Danny Snyder.

Lot of hoops talk in the NHL/NBA/MLB segment, as well as a look at the NHL playoffs, the final update for the Ingleside Lakers as they were finally eliminated from playoff contention, Ben Simmons still not playing for Brooklyn, but finding time for a grievance against the Sixers, and a peek at the newest members of the Basketball Hall of Fame. With Opening Day coming up in the MLB this week the Honchos rolled out their 2022 MLB preview with picks and nuggets, and a look ahead to some technology changes for 2022.

The Honchos could not leave for their Spring Break yuks without first dropping a new Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was the legend himself, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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Hoops.... I Did it Again!

Hoops.... I Did it Again!

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