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Hope Realized with James Belt

Hope Realized with James Belt

Update: 2022-12-10


MPF Discussion with James Belt

Hope Realized with James Belt 

 About James 

James H. Belt III is the second-generation owner and president of Belt Enterprises, Inc. A church leader and missionary, he travelled to Nicaragua in 2007, where he witnessed the realities of poverty first-hand. His experience and his commitment to helping others thrive inspires his hope-filled, world-changing approach to fighting poverty—one of the world’s biggest problems. While living in Nicaragua for three years, James focused on community and small business development as the field director for NicaWorks!, an organization that creates community-led change to build a hopeful present and future for the vulnerable in Nicaragua.

He helped develop NicaBike Shop, a pre-owned bike retailer in Managua, as well as Fruitvera, a commercial agriculture operation in Veracruz. He continues to work with NicaWorks! and currently serves on their management team. A graduate of Towson University, James lives in Maryland with his wife, Jennifer, two children, two dogs, and two cats. When he’s not busy volunteering, he enjoys traveling, reading, and playing sports.

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Hope Realized) James shines a bright light on the power of hope and why no situation is innately hopeless.  James shares ways we can encourage ourselves and others to move beyond our suffering.

This is particularly evident with the continuous work James is doing in Nicaragua, helping people and communities transition from poverty with a Reframed Mindset, building both practical and spiritual tools to move beyond their current situation. Some of the areas we cover

 ·      The power of Hope

·      How we can all use our talents and gifts to make a difference for others

·      Addressing poverty through practical and spiritual methods

·      How we can transform our lives, giving hope to others

·      90% of poverty is below the surface, only 10% above the curve

·      James’s book: Hope Realized

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Hope Realized with James Belt

Hope Realized with James Belt

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