Hot pursuit

Hot pursuit

Update: 2019-11-0411


Episode 5. A dramatic chase at sea unfolds to stop a fleeing Pong Su. The North Korean crew fears the worst for their Master after they are told by their superiors in Pyongyang to stop and fight.

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Reporter - Richard Baker (Get in touch: )
Executive Producer - Rachael Dexter
Narrative Consultant - Kate Cole-Adams
Consulting Producer - Siobhan McHugh
Music & Composition - Vicki Hansen
Sound design & mixing - John Greenfield
Script translations - Yan Zhuang
Extra production - Tim Mummery
Head of Audio - Tom McKendrick

Chin Kwang Lee is played by Andy Song
Kiam Fah Teng is played by Anthony Ting
Yau Kim Lam is played by Jason Chong
Casting - Catapult Casting

Additional audio from: Channel Seven

The reading you heard at the start of this episode was an excerpt from The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway- read by Jason Chong.

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Hot pursuit

Hot pursuit

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