DiscoverHappy Space Podcast with Clare KumarHow Architecture Affects Human Behavior - with Andrea de Paiva
How Architecture Affects Human Behavior - with Andrea de Paiva

How Architecture Affects Human Behavior - with Andrea de Paiva

Update: 2022-05-16


As a Highly Sensitive Person, we often live in a world that compromises our sensitivity. It is so necessary for us to have safe spaces, especially where will live and work. That's why I am so excited to speak to and introduce you to Professor of Neuroscience for Architecture, Andréa de Paiva.

Master of Arts (Middlesex University, London), architect, and urban planner (University of São Paulo), Andréa bridges research, education, and design in her work. Her research interests involve the interdisciplinary field of cognitive science applied to architecture and urbanism, as well as architectural theory, in order to better understand how the physical environment can affect individuals and society.

Andréa is the co-author of the book Triuno: Neurobusiness and Quality of Life. In addition, she is the founder of NeuroAU an online space that aims to discuss and disseminate knowledge about the links between cognitive science and architecture & urbanism.

I invite you to listen and learn as we speak about:

00:04:08 What is neuro architecture

00:05:25 Science-based design

00:08:01 Biophilic design

00:10:50 Benefits of all the senses

00:12:38 Different levels of sensitivity

00:14:50 Impact of living near airports

00:17:43 Animals and rest

00:22:01 Sedentary lifestyles

00:24:48 The importance of diverse/dynamic balance

00:28:22 Contrast in an environment

00:29:42 Transition spaces

00:32:34 Pollution

00:37:10 Systematic understanding of environment

00:41:23 Retail spaces


Building for Change: Comparative Case Study of Hospital Architecture

Nature in Design: The Biophilia Effect

Physiological Effects of Touching Wood

Living near an airport 'may be bad for your health'


Light and Sleep



Triuno: Neurobusiness and Quality of Life

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How Architecture Affects Human Behavior - with Andrea de Paiva

How Architecture Affects Human Behavior - with Andrea de Paiva

Clare Kumar