DiscoverSpirit SherpaHow Do I Evolve? What Are The Stages of Spiritiual Evolution?
How Do I Evolve?  What Are The Stages of Spiritiual Evolution?

How Do I Evolve? What Are The Stages of Spiritiual Evolution?

Update: 2018-12-03


In this episode, Kelle gives an overview of the stages of personal growth from the time that a personal becomes aware of the universe around them. Her description of each stage talks about how a person feels during that stage and what the activities are take place during each stage using some of her own personal stories as examples.

Stages of Personal Growth:

1) Discovery – “Wow, does this stuff really work? How cool would it be if it did.”


2) Proof and Proselytizing – “OMG this stuff really does work! I must read everything I can get my hands on, take every class I can possibly manage and tell everyone I know (so they can help me believe what I’m seeing)!” (Introverts usually skip the proselytizing.)


3) Prove It - Releasing Stories – “Let me teach you what I’ve learned about this – it will help me go deeper and give you some really valuable info.” (Again, introverts often skip this stage.)


4) Retreat for Personal Practice/Study – Releasing “Being Right”– “No, I’m not teaching anyone right now – I’m doing my own research.” In this phase, we are asked to look into our shadow selves and begin the work of clearing out issues.


5) Surrender To The Universe/Learning To BE – Releasing Control – Where you look at the universe in response to the bizarre, illogical, dare I say crazy thing it has just asked you to do and say “You want me to do WHAT??!?” And then you go and do it anyway.


6) Discovering Yourself – Choosing WHO To Be - Once you’ve mastered surrender at the first level, then you have to balance it with choice – without going into control. “What do you mean you’re not going to tell me what to do next? I’ve been sitting here (sorta) patiently for NOTHING!?!”


7) Awareness and Reflection – Letting Go of Your Story of Who You Are – Beginning to see yourself as you really are – not as you hope/fear/desire to be. Includes asking for reflections from others.


8) Stripping Down – Letting Go of Fear-Based Responses That Hide Your True Self – Identifying and removing masks, coping mechanisms, and judgment-based patterns to find the real you underneath it all. Also stripping away all positive labels and layered-on positive assessments of self.


9) Self-Acceptance – Letting Go of Judgment of Self – This is where you learn to step into your power and trust yourself with that power.


10) Self-Love – Stillness and Peace – Letting Go of The Need To Be Different Than You Are – Developing true love and compassion for the self. Embrace a willingness to be vulnerable.


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  • Written by: Kelle Sparta
  • Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer

Produced by: Daniel Singer


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How Do I Evolve?  What Are The Stages of Spiritiual Evolution?

How Do I Evolve? What Are The Stages of Spiritiual Evolution?