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How Do I Use Instagram and Facebook to Build My Business?

How Do I Use Instagram and Facebook to Build My Business?

Update: 2020-08-21


For many new business owners, the process of advertising on social media can seem deceptively simple. Just post some shots of your products and you're done! Unfortunately, there's more to advertising on social media than uploading a couple of photos. The content you post on your business's social media accounts should not only promote your products, but also reflect the story and values behind your brand. So, how do you create effective Instagram and Facebook posts? In this episode, Jon Aidukonis and Gene Marks along with special guests Matthew and Asia Moore, share their strategies for producing engaging and authentic social media content.

Executive Summary

0:47 —Today's Topic: What are the Most Effective Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses?

4:23 —Professional quality photographs can significantly improve a customer's visual experience on your Instagram page.

5:59 —You are more likely to attract people into your small business if you can provide a space or product that enables your customers to create their own content.

7:26 —While influencers can certainly help you build your following, you should only collaborate with individuals who reflect the values of your business. Most viewers can sense if a partnership is inauthentic.

9:36 —Posting video content on your Instagram account can create an even more personal relationship with your viewers because it allows them to meet the real people behind your product.

12:13 —Don't get so focused on using social media to convey your brand and your story that you forget to include your business's basic information.

13:49 —Remember that the more money you invest into your social media accounts, the more time you need to spend maintaining them.

15:26 —Because social media has become our primary means of communication, every business needs to have some sort of an online presence if they want to engage with their client base.


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Gene: Hey, everybody and welcome back to the Small Biz Ahead podcast. This is Gene Marks talking from the Marks Group, and I'm here with as my co-host and friend, Jon Aidunkonis from the Hartford. Hello, Jon.

Jon: Hello.

Gene: Glad to be there. Jon and I had a conversation about whether or not we should have chit chat on this podcast and we're like, you know what, we don't have anything to talk about. We just want to get right to the nuts and bolts of right.

Jon: We're the least interesting people in the room.

Gene: Yes. The most interesting people are the guests that we have on today. That's Matt and Asia Moore from Mad Donuts in White Plains, New York. Before I introduce you guys further and ask you guys to just describe what you're doing, we're going to be having a conversation about Instagram and Facebook with Matt and Asia, and we've got a lot of reasons to learn from them.

Gene: I mean, on their Facebook account had almost about a thousand followers. Instagram has got almost 2,700 followers, which is really dynamite for a donut shop. Is it a donut shop? Matt and Asia tell us a little bit about Mad Donuts, just a little history, how you got it started and what you guys do now and a little bit about the shop.
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How Do I Use Instagram and Facebook to Build My Business?

How Do I Use Instagram and Facebook to Build My Business?

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