How Do We Do This?

How Do We Do This?

Update: 2024-02-03


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**Title: Navigating Uncertainty in Ministry - "How Do We Do This?"**

**Podcast Summary:**

In this episode of "Beyond the Mic," host Mike Yates discusses the challenges of undertaking ministry or tasks without prior experience. Titled "How Do We Do This?", this episode explores the apprehensions and practicalities of diving into new responsibilities in ministry, especially when there's a lack of formal training or clear direction.

**Key Insights:**

1. **Jumping In with Preparation:**
   Mike shares his personal journey of starting the podcast, highlighting that while he didn't have prior podcasting experience, he didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he emphasized the importance of preparing as much as possible and then taking the plunge. This approach can be paralleled in ministry, where sometimes you need to start a project or role without being an expert.

2. **Dealing with Criticism:**
   Yates recounts an incident where someone criticized his initial efforts harshly, which led to a reflection on how criticism is perceived and handled, especially when starting something new. The key takeaway is not to be deterred by negative feedback when you are in the learning phase.

3. **Embracing Imperfection in Ministry:**
   Mike discusses the concept of starting ministry tasks with what you know and learning through the process. He stresses that the fear of imperfection should not prevent one from engaging in ministry work. This is particularly significant for listeners who may feel unqualified or inexperienced.

4. **Learning from Every Situation:**
   Reflecting on the reality that not every situation in ministry can be foreseen or prepared for, Mike encourages embracing each challenge as it comes and learning on the go. He uses the biblical story of Elisha and the Shunammite woman to illustrate how unforeseen challenges in ministry require faith and adaptability.

5. **The Importance of Action Over Inaction:**
   Yates challenges his listeners to consider whether fear of failure or a desire for perfection is holding them back from acting on God’s call. He advocates for action, emphasizing that doing something imperfectly is better than doing nothing out of fear.


Mike Yates' message is a powerful reminder that ministry isn't about having all the answers or being perfectly prepared. It’s about stepping out in faith, using the resources and knowledge available, and trusting that God will guide through the uncertainties. This episode is particularly encouraging for new ministers or anyone feeling unqualified in their calling, urging them to take action and trust in their divinely given abilities.









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How Do We Do This?

How Do We Do This?

Mike Yates