How Do You Get Clients to Sign Contracts?

How Do You Get Clients to Sign Contracts?

Update: 2020-02-10


When it comes to sustaining your business, long-term contracts are one of the most effective ways to ensure a steady source of revenue in an unpredictable market. However, for many new businesses, convincing potential customers to sign one of these contracts can pose a real challenge. With so many competitors, how do you convince someone to take such a big risk? In this episode, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin share several strategies that will entice customers to sign a contract with your business.

Executive Summary

2:10 —Today's Topic: How Do I Entice Customers to Sign a Contract With My Small Business?

3:12 —Before you even approach your potential clients, research your competitors so that you understand how your business compares.

3:49 —If you would like to propose a long-term contract with a particular client, try to do so as soon as possible, because it will be more difficult to adjust the terms of your services later on.

4:43 —With regard to incentives, small businesses should consider offering either a free product or service for a limited time. Not only does this trial period give the customer a chance to get to know you better, but it also gives you a clearer sense of how they behave as a client.

6:01 —Another option to consider would be to provide increased discounts for customers who commit to a longer contract.

7:29 —You also can attempt the "puppy dog close," where you offer them a free trial for a limited time and then give them the option of terminating your services if they aren't satisfied.

10:14 —Gene discusses how lack of competition can lead to stagnation for small businesses.


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Elizabeth: Welcome back to the Small Biz Ahead podcast. I'm Elizabeth Larkin from The Hartford and I'm here with Gene Marks from The Marks Group.

Gene: Hi, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hi. How are you?

Gene: I'm doing good. How are you?

Elizabeth: I'm good.

Gene: Good. Glad to hear that. Are we going to talk about TV shows after this episode?

Elizabeth: Yes, after we answer this important question about enticing new clients, we are going to talk about your TV show recommendations.

Gene: We'll have a word of the day, and then the TV shows, because last time we talked about El Camino, but I've got plenty more.

Elizabeth: Okay. You're going to have to wait for the end.

Gene: I'm going to have to wait. You know what? Forget about these small business questions. Let's go right to the TV shows.

Elizabeth: Great. Okay, so after a word from our sponsor, we're going to come back and talk about enticing new clients to the very niche business.

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How Do You Get Clients to Sign Contracts?

How Do You Get Clients to Sign Contracts?

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