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How Does LinkedIn Get You a Job?

How Does LinkedIn Get You a Job?

Update: 2021-11-091


What is the perfect job for you? In a world with thousands of companies and millions of job seekers, what’s the most efficient way of finding your dream job? In this episode of The Science of Change, our host Kristen Berman talks to Ada Yu, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, to understand how this platform helps people and companies find the perfect match while mitigating bias, helping seekers apply for the right openings, and making the hiring processes much easier for everyone. Job sites are marketplaces that are evolving, what might have worked yesterday to help you stand out may not do the trick next year. Jump into this conversation and learn from Ada the state-of-the-art strategies for hiring and what the difficult task of applying for a job and signing a contract will look like in the near future. 

Jump straight into:

(00:52 ) - Getting from search to hire: How LinkedIn helps job seekers and companies find the perfect match with present bias and stopping cues.

(08:32 ) - Diversity, inclusion and equity: How LinkedIn nudges diverse applicants and recruiters towards job equity. 

(13:51 ) - “Open for work” & “Easy Apply”: LinkedIn’s response to the massive layout that hit during the COVID19 pandemic.  

(17:45 ) - Cognitive overload and verified skills: Sorting applicants and job openings to showcase them in a digestible and truthful way.

(24:51 ) - Applying, stretching and handling rejection: LinkedIn’s strategies to increase your chance of getting a job that matches your skills. 

(29:46 ) - Reshaping the workforce: Some changes we have seen in the professional world in the last years of online recruitment.  

(34:14 ) - Dip a toe and step out!: Empowering seekers to identify companies committed to diversity and reaching out to new networks.

(44:07 ) - The future of the job market: What is market signaling and what it’s going to take to stand out in the future. 

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How Does LinkedIn Get You a Job?

How Does LinkedIn Get You a Job?

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