DiscoverThe Science of ChangeHow Does SetSail Drive Sales Productivity?
How Does SetSail Drive Sales Productivity?

How Does SetSail Drive Sales Productivity?

Update: 2022-03-08


Bert Lui is Co-founder & CPO at SetSail, an AI-powered sales tracking, motivation, and empowerment solution. Not only have they changed the classic incentive system within sales organizations, they figured out how to drive the right behaviors within that incentive system in sales. We deep dive on the trade-offs between extrinsic and intrinsic motivations, how being charismatic affects your sales, the thin line between compliments and gratitude and the pros and cons of quotas. So let's get ready to -wait for it- Set sail on this super fascinating episode of The Science Of Change!

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(01:12 ) - Motivation to sell more and better: How SetSail makes it easier for sales reps to prioritize deals through goal visibility. 

(06:01 ) - Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation: On charisma and behavioral indicators that are essential to predict a closing deal.

(13:03 ) - The pros and cons of leaderboards:  A practical example of what a weekly contest and prizes look like for sales reps inside SetSail.

(20:59 ) - Playing to win: How does the SetSail reward model motivate middle and low ranked (and recent winners) sales reps?

(25:16 ) - Don’t overthink it: Psychological tips to reduce the fear of rejection, sales quotas and the goal to experiment on compensation size.

(29:10 ) - Real-time feedback: What does Bert think the future of sales will look like? 

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How Does SetSail Drive Sales Productivity?

How Does SetSail Drive Sales Productivity?

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