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How Five Companies Thrive with Brand Purpose

How Five Companies Thrive with Brand Purpose

Update: 2023-08-09


It's been a record-setting hot summer. That got me thinking about the environment. And that got me thinking about ESG -- the Environmental, Social and Governance factors companies can get valued on -- by the Street and by the Consumer. And THAT is part of Brand Purpose. So, what are the ways "purpose" shows up at a company -- inside and out? And, how does a company authentically spotlight its brand purpose to that outside world?
Over the past eight episodes of this Season 2 of Insider Interviews, that's exactly what I asked each of my world class media, marketing and advertising industry guests. So, here's a cool compilation of the wisdom of purpose and marketing pros, pulled from those episodes.

You'll hear again, in this order, from:

[3:10 ] Ad agency legend turned head of the Baglivo Group and higher ed evangelist as CMO of Pace University, Mary Baglivo;
[6:25 ] Head of marketing for the largest B-Corp (listen and learn about that term!) -- Danone, NA's Linda Bethea;
[13:45 ] Queen of fun and experiential marketing, CMO Erin Levzow of Museum of Ice Cream;
[16:40 ] Representing the audio side, Chief Insights Officer of Cumulus Media/Westwood One, Pierre Bouvard;
[18:20 ] Finally, Nicolle Pangis, CEO of Ampersand, the largest TV rep firm in the US., adds very personal insights for how she applied lessons learned about work-life balance just in time to help her survive and help her whole team thrive...and keep the customer satisfied “on purpose”, too.

Each of these leaders shares their definition of brand purpose and how gets implemented in organizations and how brands can make a positive difference in society. We talk about the importance of ESG and how to make consumers aware of that meaningful work...and how to feel meaningful at work!

Mary Baglivo

Linda Bethea

Erin Levzow

Pierre Bouvard







Nicolle Pangis

I encourage you to listen to the full episodes with each of these thoughtful and accomplished media and marketing executives. They share more life -- and industry -- lessons that offer the insider's scoop on our business, with a personal touch. You'll find their contact and company info in the show notes for each episode.

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How Five Companies Thrive with Brand Purpose

How Five Companies Thrive with Brand Purpose

E.B. Moss